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I Love You Blankets

Updated on April 30, 2013

Make Your Own Love Blanket

While I think the "I love you more" blankets are pretty adorable and make a great gift to a special someone, you can make your own love blanket for a lot cheaper and it can be more personalized. Also you can make a blanket that he would actually leave out in his living room or where people would see it. Especially guys will be less likely to leave out a blanket or throw that just says I love you.

If you wanting to make your own blanket but lack more then basic sewing skills or for that matter any sewing skills you can still make a I Love You Blanket for your loved one with using one that is premade. It is a perfect valentines gift or a just because gift.

Photo Credit: I Love You More Blanket

Make Your Own I Love You Blanket
Make Your Own I Love You Blanket

I Love You Blanket Ideas

Put Some Personality into Your Gift

Its not just about giving your love a blanket. A blanket is something you stay warm with, cuddle with and is suppose to be an idea of comfort. So the idea of getting your love something to remind them of you while they are being comforted by something is romantic.

But just giving them any blanket is not the idea. Give them a blanket that either you made or one that you believe would be something they would like.

How To Customize An Already Made Blanket

  1. Pick the right fabric: If you do not want to go ahead and make your own quilt its okay, not is all lost. Instead make sure you pick the right blanket. Not just any blanket will do when finding a I love you blanket. Choose a blanket that would be centered around him or a special memory you have together or
  2. Make Quilt Label: If buying a blanket think about making a label that dedicates the blanket to your love for them. A simple I love you is sweet, although you can go a step futher by writing them a short letter and writing it on the label.
  3. Embroider Your Blanket: With a little needle and embroidery thread you can simply put a small love qoute or emborder a name on to a already made quilt.

How To Make A No Sew Fleece Blanket

Blankets with Personality That Could Be Customized

Some of the best I love you blankets I have seen was not made solely for that purpose. They was blankets that matched the receivers personality or interest and was personalized after market. Most towns have a sewing or alteration shop that will emborder blankets for a reasonable price. Many times a short sentence or couple of words can be done for less then $20 and sometimes less then $10.

More DIY I Love You Craft Ideas

I Love You Throw Pillow Craft

Simple Easy I Love You Craft

I love this simple I love you craft idea. This artist show it being done on a pillow case which would be a perfect accessory for the I Love You Blanket Above, or you could use this method to personalize a blanket.

For this simple craft that anyone could do you need you light colored fabric object you want to personalize, fabric pens and stencils. You can do this without stencils if you on confident in your own handwriting.

The instructions show it done in black, but with a little planning you could also use colored fabric pens. You could also do all black except for may be a few words.

Find the instructions for the throw pillow at

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      CristianStan 4 years ago

      Not a big fan of "I love you items" but this lens is really good if you are into this, and other love quotes