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Smartphone App Therapist That Helps With Breakups

Updated on May 7, 2016

Dealing with a break up with someone who means so much to you can be hard. Like, super hard. Within the past year, I mostly blogged and vented my emotions about someone that I had been off and on with. As usual with off and on relationships, we had only been “off” a million times and ended all communication because we couldn’t seem to make being in each other’s lives work. Who do we go to when we’re going through a breakup? Our friends? A therapist? When you say the word “therapist” people normally cringe at the serious thought. Of course, a therapist is scientifically proven to be beneficial, but seeing one is intimidating to many, which is probably one of the bigger reasons many people who need to go don’t.

What if I told you that there is a super beneficial therapist that can get you through any break up- right on your smartphone? One day, I stumbled upon “Rx Breakup” which had eight five-star reviews at the time. I immediately downloaded it and was quickly amazed. Rx Breakup is an amazing app created by two therapist who have created this amazing thirty day schedule of learning more about yourself and helping you through ending things with someone. Each day, it teaches you something about what is happening through the day, asks you to do a simple writing task (which helps so much), and has an end of the night message that you can only read after 5 pm in order to get you through the day and remind you that you can get through your break up.

This. Is. Genius.

As soon as I completed each day, I instantly felt happier. Instead of continuing to do the snack eating, Netflix binging, tear wiping ritual that people usually do during break ups, I learned more about myself and slowly let go of him. I completely recommend downloading this app because it is seriously beneficial. This app also requires a lot of hard work that digs deep into how you feel, but you will only benefit from it and become steps closer to finally getting over someone. What usually works for you during a breakup? Feel free to comment, write me on social media, or email me your thoughts (especially if you download the app)!

5 stars for Rx Breakup App


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