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Creative and Unique Ideas for Engagement, Bridal Shower and Wedding Gifts

Updated on August 27, 2014
Christmas ornaments make a unique gift.
Christmas ornaments make a unique gift. | Source

Choosing the perfect engagement, bridal shower or wedding gift can be challenging. Should you choose something from the bride's gift registry? Go for something traditional, like pots and pans, or something special, like a set of her chosen china pattern? While each of these ideas is fine, stretch your imagination a bit to consider one of these three unique bridal gift ideas. Not only will these ideas stretch your imagination, they'll stretch your dollar, too, because they won't cost a fortune.

Creative Bridal Shower Gifts

  1. Christmas ornament set: Most new brides aren't thinking about the holidays, but unless the happy couple has already had their own Christmas tree in years past, a set of Christmas ornaments can be a very special gift. Choose unique ornaments that reflect the couple's tastes or perhaps something unusual about them, like a shared passion for scuba diving. Many year-round Christmas stores offer ornament sets online as well as in retail outlets.
  2. Traditional writing set: The new bride will be writing plenty of thank-you notes in the weeks and months following her engagement, bridal shower and wedding. Create a special, personalized 'remembrance' calendar listing all the birthdays, anniversaries and other special days for her family and friends. Create a gift box that includes this personalized calendar, beautiful pens in various colors, thank you notes, birthday cards, blank cards, and Forever Stamps which are good indefinitely for use when sending mail through the United States postal system.
  3. Unique kitchen utensils: Instead of going for pots, pans and microwave cookware, you can assemble a box of unique, fun and useful kitchen gadgets no home should be without. Purchase a pretty bowl and fill it with gadgets: pizza cutter, food scale, measuring cups, vegetable peeler, timer, garlic press, corn holders and more. You can adjust the items to fit with any budget, and the bride will have everything she needs to complete her kitchen.

Gift Ideas for Second Marriages or Older Couples

Older couples, previously married couples and the couple who has everything pose a special challenge to their friends and family when it comes to buying gifts. Some gift ideas for couples who own their own homes already or who have established households include:

  • Gift certificates to the local garden center or a retail gardening catalog: Let the couple choose a special plant, garden bench or statue to commemorate their wedding.
  • Six months of maid service: How about prepaying for six months of maid service or cleaning service to help the honeymoon last longer for the happy couple?
  • Wine or gourmet food clubs: Wines, chocolates and many gourmet products are sold on a monthly gift shipment basis. Choose from among the many edibles on the market that will delight the palate of the newlyweds.
  • Babysitting, daycare or childcare: For couples with children, arranging in advance and paying for childcare services may be much appreciated. Not only will it help ease their financial burden, it will also give the newlyweds much-needed time and space to reconnect as a couple in a busy household.

So skip the pots, pans, dishes and towels. Go for something original and memorable when you're invited to your next bridal shower, wedding, or engagement party.


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    • monia saad profile image

      monia ben saad 3 years ago from In my Dream

      great and new idea that's help peapleto resolve the problem what should i give them as gift ? :)

    • DeborahNeyens profile image

      Deborah Neyens 3 years ago from Iowa

      Some great new ideas plus some of my favorite go-to wedding gift ideas. I have given Christmas ornaments and wine club memberships to several newlyweds in the past. Now I can mix it up a bit with some of these other good ideas!