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I Dream

Updated on April 3, 2011
Looking towards the new day.
Looking towards the new day.

For the Dreamers

I dream of better days then the ones that I'm stuck in at the moment, The days where I'm reunited with who I use to be. The days where you can look yourself in the mirror and say your proud of everything you've accomplished in your life. I dream for the people who are like me, the ones who sit at night and cry and ask god "why? Why does this have to happen to me?" I dream for the people who are lost in life and not sure where to turn next or why they're even trying to find their way anymore. I dream for the ones who grew up in a place where their lullaby was police sirens and gunshots. I dream for everyone who's ever had to deal with heart ache, depression, drug addiction, death, strife, unlawfulness, and people constantly telling you your not good enough or smart enough, or strong enough, or pretty enough to do the things you dream to do with you life. I dream because I know how you feel I've grown up with that lullaby, I've dealt with the addictions, the pain and strife that comes with life, the people telling you, you can't.

Your not alone out there your not the only one with these problems and feelings. I write this to let you know that you have people to lean on whether you know it or not. Life's filled with it's ups and downs. Some are worse than others but even if the downs seem to horrible to bare then tell someone you trust cause believe it or not you don't have to shoulder these burdens alone. No matter how bad life seems at the moment don't give up because you never know whats around the corner, you never know where your life's going next. You could be someone great, to a lot of people or to just someone who really needs you. Either way that gives your life meaning because YOU affected someone, YOU where remembered, YOU made a difference. Whether it be as small and impact as listening to a friend as they cry, or as big as writing a book or song that effect many peoples lives and helped them get through the darkest hours of life we all have. That's something right there, so why give up and stop trying when you could make a difference to someone?

Come on people lend a hand to your neighbor, when you see someone who's breaking down why not just ask if their okay? Even if they don't tell you it meant something to them because it should someone cared enough to try and give them a hand. Why not ask for help? It doesn't mean your weak because there's gonna be times in life where trying to shoulder your pain and burden alone will be too much weight for you to carry alone. Even if it doesn't feel like it someone out there cares about you, someone out there will shed a tear for you, someone out there has your back. Don't give up on yourself or others because there's always a light at then end of the tunnel it seems like hell now but that wont last forever. Nothings is forever, good and bad, the moments in time always pass all you can do is keep pushing forward till the good times happen more often then the bad


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    • ConspireToInspire profile image

      ConspireToInspire 6 years ago

      Speak on it brother.