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If We Never Meet Again

Updated on September 1, 2010


I do not know what tomorrow brings

but my love goes always with you

you love always gives me wings

your love always sees me through.


The thought of me without you

rips through my tender heart

a harsh word will my pain renew

with a fear you will depart.


I wish only to be beside you

giving daily strength

I could never bid you adieu

loyalty is not, an afterthought.


Your love is the breath I breath

I feel your arms enfold me

to lose you would be a sudden death

I would beg on bended knee.


Do not ever leave my side

I need you every day

In my heart you do reside

Your words of love I will replay


The moments we’re apart

yet, if I see you nevermore

my love I now impart

my heart is yours forevermore


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