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How to Know if your Boyfriend is Cheating

Updated on February 13, 2011

The top 25 signs of cheating to look for

How to know if your boyfriend is cheating, what are the signs? Many women ask themselves this question but already have the answers. In case you've never been cheated on before and are new to the game, here are the top 25 signs to look for when it comes to cheating in a relationship.

1. He's started coming home from work later than usual

2. You've started recieving stange calls where the other party hangs up when you answer

3. He's started leaving a lot earlier than usual for work

4. If he has other Kids he's started spending more time with them than usual or so you think

5. He's started taking spontanious trips out of town without you.

6. He never lets you use or keep his cell phone.

7. He's go out with the guys and upon returning goes straight to bed.

8. He showers more than usual.

9. He keeps his wallet on him when going to the bathroom.

10. He starts working too much overtime.

11. His boxers are coming up missing.

12. He's missing socks when you do the laundry.

13. He's getting frequent haircuts that he never did for you.

14. He's keeping you away from his family or friends.

15. When he's conversating on the phone,he stops if you are around.

16. He can no longer talk to the guys with you in the room.

17. He's spending more time with the guys than usual.

18. He's beating you to the mailbox.

19. He's acting too suspicious.

20. He picks a argument with you frequently to get out the house.

21. He starts saying you tag alone with him too much.

22. He doesnt let you know his work schedule.

23. He doesnt answer his cell when you call(if he usually would answer)

24. He doesnt want to have sex with you saying he's too tired.

25. He calls you by a name other than yours accidently.

If there are some we have missed please feel free to comment on them so we may ad them......


The wandering eye


Another way to know if your boyfriend is cheating or will potentially cheat is called “The Wandering Eye’s” this is when he sneaks peeks at women passing by that he thinks you don’t notice.  What if the same women were passing by and you were not with him, would he have done something more? Every woman should know that most men have low attention spans and while they might love you to death they could have that weak moment that changes everything.

Does he have a lot of female friends or newer female friends that you’ve never met or even heard of? It’s never really okay for a man to have a female friend unless you both know them personally.  He may even get angry when you question him about the female friends and tell you things like they were around before I met you or you are just being insecure. The absolute cheater will in fact even introduce you to some of the females he’s having sexual encounters with because chances are they already know he’s in a relationship and the female will try to be your best friend knowing all the while that you won’t suspect a thing.

So if you were to find out your boyfriend or husband is cheating what would be your reaction? Maybe you wouldn’t even leave him because he’d apologize and blame your insecurities as the reason he cheated in the first place. Don’t fall for that because if he did it once he will do it again, a cheater will just change the way he does it so he won’t get caught next time.

Cheaters Make a Relationship a Sad Story


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    • profile image

      Saddened 7 years ago

      My Bf was cheating (I think) but I found out with his itemised cell phone bill. The same number came up everyday, many times. I confronted him about it and he said she wanted to have an affair but it neva happened. She is a married woman by the way. Now I am not sure if my bf is cheating on me still with this girl. He is never late, his cell is always on and left in the kitchen. But something still doesnt seem right. For example sex just isn't as important to him as it was before...this worries me. by the way he is 24yrs older than me. I still have this niggly suspition he still see's her but I don't know how to find out. He owns his own bussiness so he has time during the day.