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3 TIPS on How to Impress a Woman with THE ATTITUDE....

Updated on June 10, 2010

how to impress a woman

impress a woman
impress a woman

3 ways how to impress a woman

Women giving you the cold shoulder ?

Do you have no success meeting women ?

Well you need to stop being a WUSS and get THE ATTITUDE !

So you’re saying to yourself, ”I don’t need to have an attitude to impress a woman”.

Well ask yourself this question. Why do women date bartenders and other high profile player types?

Because they know how to impress a woman with THE ATTITUDE

1. The Attitude Is Behind the Words

I get dozens of emails asking, "What's a good pick up line?"

Then I say just walk over and say, "Hi... you look like someone I want to meet."

If you say it with the right body language and voice tone, and you talk to

several women, you'll get some positive responses.

Trust me. For more conversation tips click here....

2. Don’t Get Upset or Flustered

Total composure brings amazing results.

Though ‘women are the emotional ones,’ most men cannot keep their

composure when a woman starts pushing their buttons.

(You know when you try to talk to a girl in a bar and she starts giving you s##t).

Women will always test you, because they must. So losing your composure is one of the fastest ways to lose a woman.

Being upset or angry is unpleasant to be around and reveals insecurity in you.

3. Dealing with Tests and Challenges

Women tend to have pictures in their minds of what they want. And when

you don’t fit the frame, they take a hammer to your head, not the picture!

Women always test and challenge with questions and behaviour to see if

you’ll let them control you.

Knowing they often will try, you must stop responding like she’s a boss from whom you need approval! It may not seem logical to bust her chops when these things happen, but that’s exactly what you need to do. At all costs, don’t be a wuss and kiss up to her.

When you take the control from her with THE ATTITUDE it’ll drive her so crazy she’ll do anything to get your attention.

Speaking of crazy...

Did you know all of this hard work can be undone with just a few simple words or actions.

A mistake so big you’ll lose the upper hand and she’ll be walking away...

So if you want to know how to impress a woman and don’t want her walking away and having some other guy get her number find out how these words or actions decrease your chances of picking her up.

Confused about how to impress a woman? Imagine how good it would feel to be able to have women chasing you and not the other way round.

No matter how hopeless you think you are, you can still learn how to impress a woman.

Learn more on how to impress a woman click here


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