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The Uncountable Ceremonies of an Indian Hindu Wedding

Updated on October 11, 2011

List of Functions

A detailed preview of Indian wedding functions before and after the big day
A detailed preview of Indian wedding functions before and after the big day | Source

Frescoes bring to you the much required organized and detailed version of Hindu wedding nuptials

The buzz around a Hindu wedding starts as much as a week before the actual wedding reception night. There are hundreds of small to big pujas to be performed. Milni, Bhaat, Roka, Byah haath, phera, Tilak, Godh, Mudda, Ghudchadi, shaadi ke card Invitation cards that is, chikni kothli, haldath, tel-baan, kajal ghalai, mithai, daat, karva, korath, baraat, dhukav, varmala, lagan mandap, sajan goth, vidai, sirguthi, jua, Devi devtaon ki Dhokh, Pith-mora are a few ceremonies to name from the endless list that varies according to the Bridal side or the Groom's side...Var paksha or Kanya Paksh.

To keep a track of those is like counting the endless stars in the milky way.

Now you can download the list of occasions presented to you by FRESCOES according to the time they occur in the two households respectively. The pages of a comprehensive handbook have been scanned and posted here for your convenience.

Each wedding ceremony is important like each sugar granule in the milk.

..a few lesser or more and the sweetness varies. These tiring yet rooted to culture wedding nuptials performed unknowingly yet faithfully over the centuries by our ancestors and parents and grandparents unquestioningly. They mix with the overall Indian culture to enhance the experience of being an Indian and a Hindu to the core. Marwaris of Kolkata would definitely find this handbook useful as they religiously perform them for each girl and boy ready to take the wedding vows in front of the holy fire year after year, season after season. The Rajasthanis residing in Calcutta are so bound with their homeland that they do not fail to follow the laid-out routine to a T. Elsewhere in India, the local customs have influenced the ceremonies and culture of a Rajasthani wedding, but Kolkata rejoices in what's essentially theirs.

No one can take it away from them.

Not even the often doubting fb and twitter influenced Generation-Y who ask their elders the necessity and meaning behind these rituals without being answered each time. The revelry continues as usual. I often think that these well meaning youngsters actually enjoy these exhaustive rounds of puja and ceremonies that lend them a life-time opportunity to be treated like the Gods and goddesses for but a few days. They try to make the best of all the associated events that are pre-planned in advance with the advice of the eldest female member of the family! Here's your own Grandmother's recipe to a perfect wedding. Do the planning for the event yourself all for free! Even the NRIs can make good use of it.

The website of Frescoes, the designers of Wedding Invitation Cards offer the link to the handbook of wedding ceremonies.

Preview of the marwari marriage functions and things required.

Print the hand book on How to organize a Hindu Wedding!



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Address: Alipore, Kolkata, India


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