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Inexpensive Flowers - Wedding Flower Bouquets - Engagement Party Flowers & Gifts

Updated on November 8, 2014

Inexpensive Flowers - Bridal & Baby Bouquets - Unique Flower Centerpieces

Welcome to Inexpensive Flowers by Alina!

My name is Alina and my passion has always been for flowers, any and all kinds of flowers. Wild flowers, hand cultivated and cut flowers, plants, arrangements, bouquets, just flowers in any form! They each have personalities and attitudes. Some need to be handled gentler than others, some cry for attention, and some just need to be next to others complementing them with quiet beauty.

While a flower is gorgeous all by itself, what wonderful creations can be made when mixing them with other blossoms and mediums. No two florists will come up with the same arrangement when given the same flowers, just like no two arrangements will look exactly alike, even though the same florist creates them. They are as unique as we are.

There is nothing more pleasing to the soul than handling beautiful flowers and creating a masterpiece bouquet that showcases an event or ceremony. Flowers bring joy, peace, and beauty to our souls. They complete us and complement us. It's one of the reasons why flowers are an integral part of all of our major life events.

From births and christenings to anniversaries and birthdays, flowers are in attendance at each event. Weddings, showers, proms, and first dates all involve flowers in some form. When people are ill, you bring them flowers to cheer them up. Flowers are sent and given as signs of respect at funerals and memorials and laid on graves as a sign of love and remembrance.

What wedding would be complete without gorgeous floral sprays placed in the surrounding areas? A high school prom wouldn't be the same without a fragile corsage on the wrist or pinned to a gown. We give flowers as gifts for birthdays and Holidays. Mother's Day, anniversaries, bridal and baby showers are all events where flowers abound.

When we give flowers, we say "I love you" without having to say a word.

Wedding flowers mean "share this joyous event with us". . .

Think about the way flowers make people feel the next time you have a life event coming up. Contact me to discuss what kind of floral displays would best suit your needs. No job too big or too small for Inexpensive Flowers By Alina.

And, remember, just because my flower arrangements and bouquets are inexpensive, doesn't mean that they look cheap! I am an experienced, professional florist who can deliver quality and uniqueness to flowers that showcase your party or event.

***Because I work from my home, my overhead is very small. I take the opportunity to pass on those savings to all of my customers by providing the best flowers, the most beautiful arrangements and bouquets, the best service at a very inexpensive price. Try my services once and I will guarantee you will call me the next time you require floral and gift services. Yes, I'm good at what I do. Really!

Bridal Bouquets and Centerpieces - I Create What YOU Have In Mind

Inexpensive Flowers - Bridal Bouquets
Inexpensive Flowers - Bridal Bouquets

These are table pieces and bouquets that were created from a description of what I was told was required. The customer was thrilled to have a say in how the arrangements came out and Inexpensive Flowers by Alina was happy to deliver gorgeous custom made centerpieces specifically tailored to the client's wants.

How To Contact Me Regarding Inexpensive Flowers

You may contact me regarding Inexpensive Flowers via the Guestbook section at the bottom of this site, email me at (place the words flowers by Alina in the subject line please), or call me at (954) 257-4987.

Inexpensive Flowers - Bridal Options
Inexpensive Flowers - Bridal Options

Inexpensive Bridal Bouquets, Arrangements, and Centerpieces

Flowers By Alina Provides Unique Bridal Flowers, Gifts, and Party Services

While I do not think of myself as a party planner, Inexpensive Flowers by Alina does provide bridal items and services for busy couples looking to enjoy a wonderful wedding experience and yet not have to give up an arm and a leg to make ends meet. Inexpensive Flowers by Alina can help make your wedding more memorable in many ways.

I can create unique monogrammed wedding/ring pillows, individual party gifts and favors, wedding albums, provide fresh flowers for cake tops, help with table settings, create memorable wedding glass and bridal centerpieces, and build designer tiaras.

If you have a special centerpiece in mind, tell me what you are thinking, and Inexpensive Flowers by Alina can easily come up with an arrangement that will help to make your special event even more spectacular.

Inexpensive flowers - Delphinium
Inexpensive flowers - Delphinium

Seasonal Bridal Flowers in Florida Right Now

One way that people can save money on flowers is to buy what is available seasonally.

In other words, ordering a calla lily bouquet when calla lilies are not in season and harder to get, will not help the bottom line of your budget. Ordering bouquets and arrangements that include seasonal flowers that are readily available makes buying lots of flowers much more affordable.

Here is a quick list of some "summer" seasonal flowers that can be easily procured to make fantastic arrangements for your event or function:

Asiatic Lily, Clematis, Cosmo, Dahlia, Daisy, Delphinium, Gerbera daisy, Hydrangea, Pansy, Rose, Sunflower, Tuberose, Viburnum, Violet, and Zinnia flowers are all considered "summer" seasonal flowers. Using some or all of these flowers will help to keep your costs very inexpensive indeed.

Baskets of Flowers - Bright and Beautiful

Inexpensive Flowers - Baskets
Inexpensive Flowers - Baskets
Inexpensive Flowers - Bridal Party Bouquet
Inexpensive Flowers - Bridal Party Bouquet

Bridal Flowers - Wedding Flowers - Bridal Bouquets

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, flowers are usually part of the planning process.

Not only does the bride usually carry a bouquet in her hands, maybe some small blossoms in her hair, but her wedding party often carries bridal party bouquets, too.

Flowers abound the place of worship, the reception, and often get brought back home to enjoy for days afterward. We all use flowers to help us celebrate these big events and occasions in our lives, but we don't want to pay an arm and a leg!

Let's face it, when you are purchasing that many flowers, you want to get great looking floral arrangements at the best price you can get. Inexpensive Flowers by Alina can give you suggestions on which flowers are in season and can be used for an inexpensive flower option to complement your wedding ceremony.

Inexpensive Flowers - Flowered Headbands
Inexpensive Flowers - Flowered Headbands

Inexpensive Flowers by Alina Even Offers Floral Parties!

Offer A Floral How To At Your Next Party Or Event

For your next party or gathering, think about offering a "Floral How To Class" where your friends and family members can learn some of the inside secrets that florists work with every day. At your next gathering, have fun learning how to put a floral arrangement or bouquet together for your guests to bring home. I provide all supplies necessary, including the flowers.

If you have a little girl with a birthday coming up, how fun would it be for her and all of her friends to make little wrist corsages or hair pieces to wear home. Guaranteed to make your little girl's birthday party talked about for a very long time. Definitely not the same "ho hum" birthday party that everyone else has these days.

Inexpensive Flowers by Alina charges $50 per class and only $5 per person to provide all supplies and flowers for everyone to join in and have fun.

If YOU would like to speak to me regarding having a floral class or party in your home, please contact me for ideas on how to best have everyone talking about YOUR party to all of their friends.

Inexpensive Flowers - Freesia
Inexpensive Flowers - Freesia

Freesia is an Inexpensive Flower to Add to Bridal Bouquets

Or Try a Full Bouquet of Freesia - They Are Gorgeous!

Using seasonal flowers and certain types of flowers that can be obtained easily and inexpensively year round help people cut the cost of flowers during an event or function. Especially when ordering many bouquets or arrangements, cutting down those costs can really help keep stress levels low.

Freesia flowers come in white, pink, and purple and are inexpensive flowers to obtain. While freesia is a bloom that is often used as a "filler" to complement more costly flowers, freesia by itself makes a gorgeous bouquet full of life and beauty.

It doesn't hurt that freesia has a delicate fragrant scent that pleases the senses.

Consider adding this flower to an ordered bouquet or try it on its own. You will be very pleasantly surprised!

Inexpensive Flowers - Hawaiian Theme
Inexpensive Flowers - Hawaiian Theme

Having a Themed Party? Let Me Create Your Themed Centerpiece!

Inexpensive Flowers by Alina Can Create What You Need

Here is a photo of some Hawaiian themed party centerpieces that Inexpensive Flowers was asked to do. When the woman having the party saw what I had created for her, she was amazed that I had designed exactly what she had had in her mind.

Her party was a success and I have another customer for life.

Isn't life grand when you celebrate with flowers?

Please contact me, Inexpensive Flowers by Alina, the next time you plan a party. Don't forget that I can make personalized party favors to help YOUR party be a smashing success.

Inexpensive Flowers - Baby Albums
Inexpensive Flowers - Baby Albums

Baby Showers, Baby Gifts, and Christenings

Inexpensive Flowers by Alina Provides Baby Flowers & Gifts

Don't forget that flowers are not all that Inexpensive Flowers can do. We can create unique baby album covers, baby gifts, AND baby flower arrangements for Baby Showers, Births, and Christenings.

Each album can be made to your fabric and size preferences and turnaround time is quite fast. They are each completely unique and tailor made for each child. Monograms can be added per request.

Inexpensive Flowers - Red Rose Corsage
Inexpensive Flowers - Red Rose Corsage

A Flower Corsage - Where Do You Wear Them?

Not Just On The Left Shoulder Anymore

Back in the day, corsages were pinned to the (usually left) shoulder or tied to the wrist at weddings and proms. Today, women wear corsages anywhere on the body. While the traditional corsage is still worn pinned to the shoulder or on the wrist, corsages can now be worn at the waist, the ankle, or in the hair.

Where ever a corsage is worn, it is still typically color accessorized to the color of the dress worn.

If you are having an event or party where a corsage(s) would be appropriate, please consider contacting Inexpensive Flowers by Alina for a consultation. I have a lot of experience in planning events and can suggest inexpensive flower options to best suit your budget.

I want to thank you for visiting my Inexpensive Flowers site today and ask that you give me a "thumbs up" at the top of the site if you enjoyed it. Giving me a thumbs up gives me just a little boost and helps me to rank my site a little better.

If you have any questions regarding what I can do with flowers FOR YOU, please leave me a message here below, contact me at, or call me at (954) 257-4987.


Thank You For Visiting My Inexpensive Flowers Site - Beautiful Inexpensive Flowers By Alina

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    • WaterMom profile image


      7 years ago

      I found this lens by going through your "Unique Flowers" lens, good job on both lenses!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very nice. It's always good to see other local businesses in here.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very nice lens, having floral classes is a great idea for get togethers. Great pics.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I forwarded this site to a friend who is having a baby shower soon.


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