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In the search of a soul mate

Updated on February 12, 2017

In the journey of meeting our soul mates we sometimes end up meeting a few mates on the way, the reason we get connected to them because they might be sharing the same traits as our soul mates which attract us and pull us close, but we most of the time end up breaking up with them and the journey continues until we meet our true soul mate except in some cases where people give up and stop right there. And sometimes though it's rare that people get to meet their soul mates at once and live happily ever after.

Can we call them soul mates?

I strongly believe that two people who are made for each other, they would never make it miserable for each other unlike the most of the couples nowadays who do.

1.) Many people just pretend to have a great love or marriage life on social sites and in public, but if you know them personally you would know how a big bitter truth is hiding behind this fake truth.
I am saying it because I know people like those who would pretend in public as they don't think about anyone other than their partners, but they wouldn't think twice to be disloyal to their beloved. Can we call such couples soul mates?

2.) Some couples can't even bear each other and keep fighting all the time, which sometimes gets so brutal. Can we call them soul mates?

3.) Some of them just don't have any life in their relationship, they are together just for the sake. They are not the ones who are meant for each other. Can we call them soul mates?

Soul mates are not supposed to be like these options.

Where the problem lies?

1.) In many cases, people, either forced to or just because they find it destiny's call, decide to spend their life with the one who might not mean for them, someone they might mistake as their soul mate and the one, who is not their true match. That is one reason why the percentage of, extramarital affairs and divorces is increasing day by day.

2.) Many relationships nowadays base for physical attachment, financial status, a mind game, or just for some other reason but once the reason is over, it starts getting worse and finally reaches to an end. Such relationships cannot survive for long. Eventually, these couples end up having betrayals and regular fights. There have never been a connection or intimacy between them or many times it's just fake mainly if there are a wealth and fame, I know it sounds harsh, but it's a bitter truth.

3.) Sometimes we get behind winning someone just because we think it's love and forget the fact that it might be just the obsession which develops from a hurt ego. Soul mates would not make you run behind themselves instead the moment you come across them, they will stick to you like a magnet and stand by your side.

4.) At times people become so vulnerable that they would settle down with the first person comes in their notice, assuming that it's love and later regret it as soon as they realize that it was a huge mistake.

5.) In most cases, people get addicted or habitual so they can live neither with nor without that one person and it gets them standing at nowhere. They get more irritated all the time and angry at the fact that they can't live without their partners in spite of not wanting to.

6.) At times people do know deep inside that this is not the one and it never lightens their soul, but in spite of it, they choose to stick to their partners just for the sake of having someone in life, just because they have physical and emotional needs and just because they don't want to be alone, but such relationships never have a good ending. These couples usually tend to cheat on each other and see other people and after a point, they feel suffocated and get separated.

Why do we lose our true love?

Most of us get a chance to meet our soul mates, but to choose to either cherish them or let them go is in our hands. Some people do lose their soul mates in spite of having them in their life, why?

Simply because they don't value them because of the traits such as ego, anger, jealousy and over possessiveness overtake. If we know how to manage these negative traits and could control them so far so good, but usually, we let these traits control us which leads to a love failure and it spoils everything. Maybe that's why we say loving is not sufficient if you don't know how to manage and take care of it.

The other reason could be that sometimes people have to make choices and according to their circumstances, situations or priorities they have to give up on their true love. There are other aspects of everyone's life if life was only about finding soul mates and spent life with them it would be easier but that's not it. Sometimes we are kept in a position where we have to compromise one thing for the other and such choices are really difficult, but one's left with no other option but to choose. Though not all situations demand you to lose your lover, but it's about the choices one makes. So, always try to make a wise decision.

Is there a mate for everyone?

Sometimes I wonder if there is a possibility that there is no one made for some people.

Like in some cases, people never find someone to spend life with and get to marry. They never end up committing, they just keep wandering and searching for true love and in the end spend life alone without a partner.

It also denies the statement that someone somewhere is meant for everyone.

What happens when one meets one's meant to be?

A soul mate is someone who pleases your soul and gets good vibes and positive energy in your life. A soul mate is a lucky charm for his/her partner. Soul mate makes you a positive and a better human being. That's the one who is yours meant to be, chosen for you by God and that one will not just connect with you physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Soul mates just know how to make their relationship work. It's not like when you meet them, it starts to rain or just some firework takes place, it may happen, but not likely and just because something does happen like that it doesn't mean it's a sign. It's a soul to soul connection, it's a feeling which tells you that this is the one. When you meet your soul mate just one thing happens, magic, yes, magic called love.

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A Soul Mate

Once you find them, you start being happy as never before,

they touch your soul and make your soul glow,

your eyes shine and heartbeats overflow,

our eyes might fail to recognize, but the soul knows it's mate,

when will that delightful one walk into your life? It's a call of your fate,

love is a journey and soul mate is a treasure,

if one knows to cherish, two will be together forever,

the connection is different, it's deep, spiritual and pure,

deep down everyone knows the truth so if it's your soul mate you would just know.

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© 2017 Divya Merh


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    • Divya Merh profile image

      Divya Merh 9 months ago

      Hey Edward, thank you so much for reading my article and liking it.


    • EdwardLane profile image

      Edward Lane 9 months ago from Wichita Falls, Texas

      Excellent article. A universal subject.

    • Divya Merh profile image

      Divya Merh 11 months ago

      Thank you Sreenath, for taking some time to read my article and appreciating it :))))))))))

    • Divya Merh profile image

      Divya Merh 11 months ago

      Hey Ashish, thank you so much for your valuable feedback also liking my article, it means a lot.

      God bless you too :)))

    • profile image

      Sreenath 11 months ago

      Interesting article on a less touched upon subject!

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image

      Ashi 11 months ago


      I must say very well written on a serious topic like this. This is very detailed and confusing subject for people but you have written it at ease.


      Bless you.