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Some facts about Internet love

Updated on July 2, 2011

Online Dating World

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Some facts about Internet love

Online and in bars / clubs and beaches, etc. more or less the same sort of thing. In both cases, they know nothing of the other at the start and how long ago that two exits. The only difference is that the line can not tell if your image is genuine or not. Is he / she fake photo or not? Promises are easily made and broken, with no impact here. So beware.

Why Online

We all need someone in our life that is special and dear to us. Online is the greatest opportunity in this case. You can find a lot of people here with different mentality and background. So keep your search for that special person, who knows where and when we find our partners. So my friends, I just want to say, try and not give up.

How much do we trust our Online dating partners?

"Trust no one!" - an epic saying from x-files.  Sometimes we just cannot stop being suspicious. There’s no way you can really know if you like someone without meeting in person first. So don’t trust him fully at first. Keep in your mind that he may be a cheater. So take more time.

What time do we need to trust a person?

Personally I think it depends from one situation to another ... just take your time and get to know him / her correctly. Try to meet with friends and college. . If possible get to know more about your family. Conduct research on the person. All you need is time

What does it depend on?

 In general, the visual image says a lot about that person. And when you talk to he / she can know that person better. Try to understand is that he / she is fake or not. Because no matter how open we try, we hide our internal habits, past relationships and many more. Listen to your heart and mind simultaneously.

Take some protection 

 There is no such thing as too safe but take as many precautions are possible. I feel that we should always use caution.

  • Take it slow. Take time
  • Stop giving out to much info up front.
  • Don't meet them in person right away, take some time and talk with him more. Only after that meet with him.
  • Don't do anything you asked to do over the net. 
What worse can come?

 Sexual predators, offenders are two extreme examples. Can it be / that a kidnapper? They are lying or may not be a great person in real life. Your heart may break badly if you meet the wrong person.  

How can we regain trust in others or ourselves?

Trust is given in small amounts but taken away all at once.  .Prove it to yourself first then others will believe in you and trust you through your actions. I would agree with the idea that, "actions speak louder than words", if you are working towards building your ability to trust and to be trusted, giving original photo, living honestly, giving right information and allowing your actions to speak highly of you will ultimately lead to success.. You need to look at what caused you to violate others trust and then ask yourself. We are human...we all make mistakes for countless reasons knowingly and unwillingly. .  Forgive yourself for what you did...and forgive the person that hurt you. You can't truly move forward if you can't forgive.

Fake ID

There are few people who really give their original profile in online dating. A webcam video also can be false too. There are more options available in the online world. So somebody, probably make more online profiles at numerous sites.


  • Here's a suggestion people ignore: Be honest on your online profile. Don’t make stuff up. Otherwise people get disappointed when they meet with you face to face.
  • I think you should be clear about you are interest in making relationship on an online dating web site. So ask yourself first.
  • If you going to meet someone for the first time.  Go somewhere with a lot of people around

Personally, I think online is a great way to meet people who would not have met otherwise. Yes we can trust them unless they receive signals or an instinct not to .. I know some people found their partners online dating somewhere. If you use this take the protection and keep your mind clear then online can be a place where you can find your loved one special.


Tips about onlione dating

Do you belive those person, whom you met online?

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      robert landon 6 years ago

      very importatt issue

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      us_guy 6 years ago

      what a strange name.. blueorpurple.. nice hub

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      reo generi 6 years ago

      interesting article. in one sense, those are really basic facts of net lov

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      blueorpurple 6 years ago

      thanks alex