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Chinese Women and USA Men Is There Love?

Updated on January 11, 2016

The Youthful Chinese Girl

The Young Chinese Girl

Recently immigration has made it possible for Chinese women to come to the USA with a Green card with hardly any problems. This is great for the Chinese women to become better paid in the positions they are working in. The men in the USA , seem to have an affliction to these women. Why? They keep their youthfulness in years. Chinese women are not as promiscuous as American women or men for this fact. They have a culture that even stays with them in the USA..

Granted not all American women are naughty in their ways, by no means is this what is happening. However the age women have children in the USA is usually in their mid 20s to mid 30s and they can have more than one child.

Chinese women are only to have one child in their home country and this is law.If they have twins then that is ok in China , as I have met one of these twin Chinese women. She describes that her sister and her were considered as one. The communication between a Chinese woman and a man from the USA can be confusing. I will talk about that later in this story.

I will say this, that the Chinese women I have met are very stylish once they are on the town and dress to kill. However they are not trying to be any different than the American woman. In fact they try to emulate the dressing as a American would as they do want to fit in. However their culture is with them when they come over to the states. Most are monogamous in sexual situations, and do not sleep around as so many Americans seem to do this casually.

Yes, in China their is a sex market as a red light district, but very few do work the streets as in America women work online ads for sexual means and walk the street. The Chinese do have a culture in which the man is a high priority to them. The man's happiness is what concerns the Chinese woman. That is especially true when it comes to marriage , and they also do not believe in separation or divorce.This is a majority of the women I am speaking of that live in China and have not grown up in America.

The Chinese woman that comes to America with a Green card may be on the prowl for a American husband and they do not judge men in the same physical manner as we do women and men in America. They want to still work and when it comes to child bearing , I am a little confused on how they operate in the USA. I know the young lady I have met said her parents raise the children while the woman is off to work. I am confused as to if this means in the USA that if the parents are in the USA also that the parents come and move in with you and your wife. I really hope that is not the case...

Communication Between China Dolls and Men of USA

There is a barrier that is called communication. The best way my girlfriend that is Chines and I talk to each other is thru an interpreter using an app and a iPad when she does not understand me nor me her. This can be a challenge , yet fun way to get to know each other . If she is not affluent in English , its the only way until she learns English and can be confusing for her as much as the man.

The electronics we have out now do most everything we need an app for to discover just about anything. It is a great communicator in a situation with a Chinese speaking girl and a American man. In fact it's the only method until she gets more knowledge about the English language.

That is a major obstacle I have come across, because even an interpreter can be wrong on given words to each other. Can a relationship really work this way? I am not sure, and feelings and emotions are sometimes clues to each other that this is not working or it is. A tool is what this is in getting to know your new friend.

If you find that this girl is very fun to get to know and maybe the fact that she does not know what you are saying, is a benefit at times.I am talking about dating, it is nearly an obstacle going out to eat and bring your iPad with you so you can enjoy the moment.

Life is a challenge and if you really want to get to know someone from a foreign country that has not been here long, it can be a disturbing reality that it just may not work. Communication is key in knowing anyone.Yet if you feel love coming from the other individual it just might be worth keeping it up and helping her learn the English language, part of this is up to the woman as well. If she really wants to know you she will learn English as fast as possible.

If you find your self in my situation with a girl from another country, beware of the communication, looks are not everything, remember this fact before you get in too deep with a women whether she is Chinese or American..


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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 2 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Very interesting what you write. I am dating a Chines woman who has a green card and has been working in the USA for three years. She is conventional Chinese , yet some Americanism has hit her. She does not speak English fluently , she insists upon speaking Chinese with her girlfriends who are in the Restaurant business with her, of course they are Chinese also. They do value the American man , and it shows, and it is kind of cute. However with the communication, there is frustration on my part, so one must be patient in sexual situations and in listening to her. She has a twin sister and tells me it's ok to have two children if twins in China. I never realized the one child a family can have in China. Most Traditions she has , are slightly fading away. However , I am not wealthy, but have a home and income that is from a death. She does not realize that I am running web sites and eCommerce sites to make a living and a small living at this. I don't know how far we will take this journey, she is wanting marriage, and they move very quickly with this process. We have had no sexual situations as of yet, and I don't see it happening until marriage. Her Chinese dating techniques are what I have read about, and she is fun to be around, even when communication is not there. Thank you for your response. Have a nice day!!

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      "The man's happiness is what concerns the Chinese woman. That is especially true when it comes to marriage...."

      Essentially it is this (belief) that motivates most men from the U.S. who pursue relationships and marriage with Asian women. This is especially true of those that go through agencies/mail order bride businesses.

      There still remains this sort of geisha girl fantasy.

      Another thing that makes it attractive to men is they don't have to look like Leonardo DiCaprio or Denzel Washington to get a beautiful woman. Nor does the guy have to be rich. In fact a guy making $40-$50k might seem like a millionaire to a lot of women working in sweat shops.

      Therefore you usually see "average looking Joes" who couldn't attract "hot looking" American women with their looks and income pursuing Asian and Russian women. Many of these women desperately want out of their countries and the men like the idea of being in control of women who are completely dependent upon them.

      The belief is these women will show their "appreciation" for bringing them to the U.S. by worshiping these men. Unfortunately a lot of these guys find out the hard way that they have been scammed or the women are looking to take advantage of them and break away once they become citizens. In other instances these women become "Americanized" via association with U.S. women and the culture. They learn they can do better than being with a short bald fat blue collar worker or they start making demands to be treated equally and demanding "me time" to go out with girlfriends.

      This is the ultimate nightmare for these men! LOL!

      China's population is over 1.4 Billion!

      It's understandable why the Communist government only allows one birth per woman. More than 82 million people in China live below the poverty line and that's a major improvement. Middleclass is $15.77 per (day) per capita for a (four-person) household.

      It's no wonder why many Asian women would want to head west! It also doesn't hurt to have more liberties and independence than at home.

      Odds are most of the Asian women and the western men discover they were both being naïve about finding happiness based upon income and culture.