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Jodi Arias

Updated on August 21, 2013

Jodi Arias And The Killing Of Travis Alexander - Murder In The First Degree

Did Jodi Arias kill Travis Alexander? Yes, she did. With her trial coming to an end Jodi Arias is getting very emotional. Is it because there are witnesses who are tearing through her lawyers court case, or does Jodi regret having killed Travis Alexander? The irony of Jodi's emotion is plain to see. She sat through over 18 days on the stand talking about sex and the abuse she says she suffered at the hands of Travis. In her testimony she had amazing recall of small details of her life, of sexual liasons, and of everyday life. But she can't remember the murder itself. Is this young woman a sociopath, a psychopath, or a victim of abuse. I think a lot of abused women wouldn't agree with anyone calling Jodi abused. The trouble with this case is how one sided it is. We hear a lot about Travis blowing up, yelling, being mean, but all the testimony we hear comes right from Miss Arias.

We know Jodi killed Travis. She told us she did it ... well, first she told us she wasn't at his house on June 4, 2008. Then a year after her arrest Jodi told us two masked intruders broke into Travis' Mesa Arizona home and let her escape while they killed him, Jodi says she was frightened and just drove to the desert rather than getting help from neighbors or the police, and then finally Jodi said she killed Travis because she feared for her life.

How can we believe anything Jodi Arias says when all she has done is lie until she couldn't lie anymore. Then she turned to her old ways, she lied some more. Jodi said she caught Travis looking at pictures of little boys and masterbating. Instead of just facing up to the fact that she was busted she just kept lying and lying. There was never any child porn found on Alexander's computer or in his home. This was just another falsehood Jodi told to try to avoid taking responsibility for what she had done. Is Jodi a cold, calculating killer, a victim of abuse, or is she just crazy? I am glad I'm not on the jury that has to decide this case.

Watch for yourself, I've added the trial videos on the bottom of this page for anyone who wants to watch this unbelievable trial for themselves. Just a word of warning, there are some graphic pictures and some sexual testimony, so if you don't want to see or hear that kind of thing, don't watch the Jodi Arias trial videos.

Jodi Once Crawled Through A Doggie Door To Break Into Travis Alexander's Home

Heinous, Cruel, or Depraved

Jodi Arias is looking at the death penalty with the jury's verdict of "Guilty In The 1st Degree".

Is Jodi Arias A Cold Blooded Killer Or An Abused Woman?

Is Jodi Arias A Cold Blooded Killer Or An Abused Woman? Or What??

Jodi Arias Video

Jodi Said

"I didn't hurt Travis. I would never hurt Travis."

I Didn't Hurt Travis

Jodi Said

"I'm all for the Ten Commandments — thou shall not kill,"

Is Jodi Her Own Worst Enemy?

Jodi Said

"If I killed Travis, I would beg for the death penalty,"

Who Is Travis Alexander?

Travis Victor Alexander was one of 7 children born to Gary and Pamela Alexander, both of whom were addicted to drugs. At some point the children's grandmother, Norma Jean Sarvey, stepped in and took the kids to live with her. It was in her home that Travis and his siblings learned about The Church of Latter Day Saints. Norma Jean was a Mormon. This was the moment that Travis' life was turned around. It would seem that Norma Jean had saved him and the rest of the kids.

Travis worked in sales with a company called Pre Paid Legal and was making his way up the company ladder. He was a rising star in the company. He owned his own home in Mesa, Arizona, drove a BMW - but later changed that to a Prius to save the environment - and was making a nice salary for himself. Not too shabby for a young man with a rough start in life. Travis turned his rough start into a motivational tool to encourage others to follow his lead.

His sisters and brothers are Gary Alexander, Greg Alexander, Tanisha Alexander Sorenson, Samantha Alexander, Hillary Wixcox, Steven Alexander, and Allie Tilghman. If you watch the trial of Jodi Arias at all, you will see at least 3 of them in the court room every day. They loved their brother and do not recognize him as the man Jodi Arias claims to have known. But then we already know Jodi has a lot riding on her description of Travis.

His friends don't recognize the Travis Jodi speaks of either. Was Alexander so good that he could hide his true self from everyone who knew him except for Miss Arias? That's a bit hard to believe, don't you think?

I don't think that Travis Alexander was an angel. I think he made some tasteless comments, some gross comments, I didn't find him romantic or very sexy. Sometimes he was just plain disgusting in his crass statements, but who knows what some women consider sexy. Was he abusive? Did Jodi have problems before she met him? These two were the worst combination, they were a disaster waiting to happen. I just don't buy the theory that Jodi was the innocent victim here. It might not be all that cut and dry a case, but there are too many problems with the abused woman defense for me. It gets over used and that makes it worth so much less.

In Loving Memory - Travis Alexander - July 28, 1977 - June 4, 2008

Take a look at the Travis Alexander known to his friends and his family. Does this fellow resemble the man Jodi Arias was talking about?

Jodi Made A MySpace Page Named

Jodi's MySpace page tribute to Travis is titled "In Loving Memory Of Travis"

Jodi's YouTube Video Of Travis

Here is a video of Travis Alexander. Jodi Arias uploaded this video to YouTube a few days after she killed Travis. She opened the YouTube account on May 29, 2008.

This is a picture of Jodi Arias found on her MySpace page.
This is a picture of Jodi Arias found on her MySpace page.

Who Is Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias is a beautiful young woman who is a native of of California. She was born in Salinas in July of 1980. Jodi has a half sister who is older, 2 younger brothers and a younger sister. Her parents are Sandra and William Arias. Jodi worked as a waitress, first in her familiy's restaurant and then for other restaurants and businesses. She also began to work for a company called PrePaid Legal, a legal service company. Jodi also worked as a waitress at the same time, and she had aspirations of becoming a professional photographer.

Jodi attending a conference for PrePaid Legal was the first step in this downward spiraling situation. This simple action was the start of what would end up being a long, arduous road, one that led to the death of a young man named Travis Alexander. It was at a PPL function in Las Vegas that Jodi met Travis. That was in September of 2006. Travis thought Jodi was a very good looking woman and he was also attracted to her pleasant, soft spoken personality. And her sexiness. And she was very sexy. Oral sex and anal sex quickly became the norm for this couple.

Jodi quickly converted to Mormonism, it took just 2 months for her to be baptized in the Morman Church. On November 26, 2006 she was baptized by Travis who was a leader in his Church as well as his business.

Jodi dated Travis for about 5 months and when they broke up she moved from California to Mesa, Arizona ... the same town Travis lived in. That's a bit unusual. I would think that since they broke up she would not want to live a few minutes away from him. Later she did move back to California and into her grandparent's home.

Jodi and Travis should never have met, but they did. Was Travis always kind to her? No. Was Travis always a gentleman to her? No. Jodi should have left after some of the stupid comments Travis made to her if she didn't like them. A three hole wonder? Not a romantic thing to call someone, but it's no reason to stab, shoot and slit someone's throat. What a sad romance this was.

Jodi's Police Interview

A Seat In The Court Room Sold For 200.00

Are Murder Trials Too Sensationalized In America? - Is Our Justice System Out Of Control?

Let's take a look at some big murder cases from recent years. O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony, and now, Jodi Arias. There's a slew of TV shows like Nancy Grace that have sprung up so we can peek into these sensational cases. It's like the Jerry Springer trial show, it's not fact based reporting, but rather pumped up opinions of outspoken hosts. It also turns out that we, the viewers, get more information than the folks on the jury. That's why we are so shocked when a case that seems to have a guilty verdict stamped all over it, gets an innocent verdict. It happened with O.J. Simpson. It happened with Casey Anthony. Is it going to happen again with Jodi Arias?

Do You Think We Should Televise Sensational Trials?

See results
Travis and Jodi in a picture found on the loving memorial on Jodi Aria's MySpace page.
Travis and Jodi in a picture found on the loving memorial on Jodi Aria's MySpace page.

Travis And Jodi

Travis and Jodi became an official couple in February of 2007 and officially broke up in June of 2007. That's where this relationship gets strange. Jodi lived in California, but after the breakup in June she moved to Mesa. She lived in Arizona until April of 2008 ... just 2 months before she killed Travis Alexander in the bathroom of his Mesa home.

Travis began to date other women and strange things started to happen. All four of his tires were slashed one night while he was on a date. He got them replaced and all four new tires were slashed. He suspected Jodi but had no way to prove it. He did laugh to friends saying "If I turn up dead, it was Jodi." Now that's scary, but Travis probably never really thought it could happen. At this same time both Travis and the woman he was dating received some threatening emails.

Travis said Jodi hacked into his email account, his bank account and his Facebook account. He said he was tired of it and told her "You are the worst thing that ever happened to me".

Jodi's Police Interrogation Video # 2

The Jodi Arias - Travis Alexander Time Line

September 2006 - Jodi Arias, age 28, and Travis, age 30, meet at a PrePaid Legal conference in Las Vegas.

November 2006 - On the 26th day of November Jodi Arias becomes a Morman. She is baptized by Travis Alexander into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

February 2007 - Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias begin dating.

June 2007 - Travis and Jodi break up. (It's just 4 months later & according to Jodi the couple still has a sexual relationship.)

December 2007 - Travis has his vehicle's tires slashed while on a date with another women. It happens twice to him and once to the young woman's car. Travis thinks it's Jodi's work and tells friends.

March 2008 - Travis and Jodi travel to Oklahoma and Texas together

April 2008 - Jodi moves from California to Mesa Arizona (after she and Travis broke up)

April 2008 - Travis texts Arias and tells her she has "no respect for people's privacy and you dare insult me of all people. Someone you should through your actions you hate more than love by denying me a human right of privacy countless times. You have a lot of freaking nerve. We are all not like you in that aspect."

May 18, 2008 - Alexander posted "Desperately trying to find out if my date has an axe murderer penned up inside of her."

June 2008 - Travis told Jodi to "stay out of his life forever".

June 2, 2008 - Jodi rented a car from a Budget Rent A Car in Redding, California, some 100 miles from her home in Yreka.

June 4, 2008 - Jodi went to Travis' home in Mesa, Arizona, 1000 miles from her home in Yreka, California. They had sex and took naked pictures of each other. Travis had plans to go on a vacation with a female friend on June 9th. Originally it was supposed to be Jodi who would go with him. At about 5:30 PM, Travis Alexander was shot, stabbed 27 times and had his throat slit open. Jodi dragged the body back into the shower, cleaned up a bit ... including throwing the camera into the washing machine with some laundry, and left Travis dead. She then called him later and left a message. She was on her way to a date in Utah.

June 5, 2008 - Jodie arrives in Utah to see Ryan Burns. Ryan works for PrePaid Legal and he admits that they kissed and more.

June 7, 2008 - Jodi returns her Budget Rent A Car. There seems to be some "kool aid" stains in the car. The vehicle is cleaned and returned to service.

June 9, 2008 - Friends go to Travis Alexander's home, they are worried about him. No one has heard from him in days. They find him, dead, in his shower. Police find a digital camera in the washing machine and it's been through a wash cycle. There is evidence found including a hand print in blood and some hair that points to Jodi. The friends tell the police that they should question Jodi about what happened to Travis.

A friend of Travis said Jodi was obsessed with him. If he tried to break up she would threaten to commit suicide. She would just show up at his home uninvited.

June 13, 2008 - Jodi posts a tribute to Travis on her MySpace page.

June 17, 2008 - Jodi shows up at the Mesa Police Department to give her fingerprints and saliva for DNA testing.

June 2008 - Investigators find out there are pictures from the camera with a time and date stamp on them and they show Jodi Arias at the Alexander house on June 4, 2008.

July 15, 2008 - Jodi is arrested in Yreka, California for the murder of Travis Alexander.

January 2, 2013 - The Travis Alexander murder trial begins. Jodi Arias is the defendant.

May 3, 2013 - The trial is over and we are all waiting to hear the jury's verdict. Alternate jurors have been selected. There are three alternate jurors and they are juror 10, juror 17, and juror 15. The alternate jurors will be ready to continue for any of the other jurors who, for what ever reason, can finish the proceedings. The jurors were sworn in and they returned to the jury room to deliberate.

Tootsie Pops Will Never Be The Same

Jodi Arias In Her Booking Picture.  This photo was taken as Miss Arias was booked for the murder of Travis Alexander.  She did ask a detective if she could clean up before her mug shot was taken.
Jodi Arias In Her Booking Picture. This photo was taken as Miss Arias was booked for the murder of Travis Alexander. She did ask a detective if she could clean up before her mug shot was taken.

Jodi's Arrest Picture

In this booking photo of Jodi Arias, the young woman looks like a high school girl posing for her senior year book picture instead of someone being arrested for murder.

This picture makes you think Jodi might be a sociopath. She looks unfazed by the fact that she is being booked for murder, it's as though she wants you to think she is not guilty. Wouldn't an innocent person be terrified by what's happening? I know, not everyone reacts the same way, but this is really a pretty far out response to what is going on.

Mark My Words, No Jury Will Convict Me

The title of this section comes from Jodi Arias herself. She said these exact words, and she followed them by saying, "Because I Am Innocent".

Jodi Asked To Put Makeup On Before She Was Booked For Murder

Strange Facts About This Case

Jodi and Travis exchanged over 82,000 emails

A .25 caliber gun was stolen from Jodi's grandparents house a week before Travis was killed with a .25 caliber weapon. Jodi just happened to be living with her grandparent's at the time of the robbery. Coincidence?

Jodi dyes her signature blonde hair brown after she rents a car on the way to kill Travis.

Jodi turns off her cel phone to avoid cel towers in Arizona. (she said her phone needed a charge.)

Jodi said she got lost on the way to Utah. (convenient)

Jodi had a date in Utah the day after she kills Travis. (sounds like an alibi to me!)

Jodi Arias lied multiple times. She said she was not at Travis' house on June 4, 2008, even after she saw pictures of herself there with that date stamped on them. She lied and said she was there but 2 masked strangers attacked and killed Travis. The third time she said she was a abused woman and Travis was trying to kill her, so she defended herself.

Jodi Arias said Travis did not own a gun.

Jodi told the police she would never hurt Travis Alexander.

Jodi forged letters from Travis. These letters stated he was a pedophile. They were found to be forged and thrown out.

Jodi tried to defend herself but after the letters she tried to submit as evidence were declared a forgery, she claimed she was in over her head and asked for an attorney to be appointed.

Jodi said a jury would never convict her ... because she is innocent. She later said she had planned to kill herself before she went to trial. (So why did she say "because she is innocent")

Jodi did a headstand during a break in her police interrogation.

Jodi also sang a song about memories during the police interrogation.

During her interrogation with Detective Flores, it seems as though Jodi is trying to get him to like her. She is trying to play him. It's rather interesting to watch and I have to say, that man has the patience of a saint.

Did You Kill Travis Alexander? No, I Had No Part In It.

This is an interview Jodi gave from jail in 2008. In it she claims that she had nothing to do with the death of Travis Alexander. She talks about how Travis gave her the Book of Mormon, along with a challenge directed at her to read it. She said there was a time when "we were in love, but it was short lived".

Did Jodi Steal An Engagement Ring From Travis?

Is Jodi Telling The Truth?

Most of this case is hear say. The "facts" the defense wants us to believe are what Jodi has told us. Travis was abusive, Travis liked young boys, Travis tried to kill her. We also know that Jodi lies, and she lies a lot. If we know that Jodi lies and the story we hear is coming right from Jodi, why do we dispute what the evidence the police have gathered, especially since it tells such a different story from the one Jodi has told us.

Travis' friends and family tell us about a different Travis Alexander. They don't recognize the guy Jodi Arias is describing. The women Travis dated don't recognize this Travis. There aren't too many witnesses coming forward to talk about Jodi.

Her mother told us that Jodi came back from Utah and was "fine". How could she have done this and acted "normal"? Sandra Arias also said, "Jodi has mental problems. Jodi would freak out all the time. I had quite a few of her friends call me and tell me that I needed to get her some help. One called me in the middle of the night and told me that she needed help."

Jodi's father told the police that Jodi lies all the time. You can see videos of Sandra and William Arias at the bottom of this page.

Along came Jodi - Dateline NBC Air Date March 1 2013

Jodi Said

“Actually Nancy, that finger was for you."

The Jury Is Out

I'm listening to the defense lawyer, Kirk Nurmi, talk about Jodi and he is making Travis out to be the bad guy. I don't believe him, this case is not as one sided as he'd have us believe. He's saying Jodi wasn't a stalker. I wonder how he would explain her coming in through the doggie door? How does he explain Jodi trying to introduce forged letters saying they were written by Travis? How does this sex offender lawyer explain most of his examples ... he blames Travis. But the only evidence of this comes right out of Jodi's mouth, the same one that has lied continuously since June 2008.

I found an article online at MY Crime Time and the writer wondered when Jodi's claim that Travis was a pedophile started right after Kirk Nurmi came on board as one of her defense lawyers.

Here's a little section from Kirk Nurmi's website ...

Have you been accused of committing a sexual offense?

I can provide you with aggressive representation against any accusation that you committed a sexual offense.

See for yourself ... Maricopa Sex Crimes

Jodi Said

"Detective, I'm not a murderer."

Jodi Wins The Jail Singing Contest - "Oh Holy Night"

Jodi singing Christmas carols in the Maricopa County Jail, and she wins the "American Idol" style contest. How did she come to be here?

Juan Martinez's Jodi Arias Trial Day 55 Closing Arguments - The Prosecution Rests It's Case

Here's what Juan Martinez had to say to the jury after he had presented his case against Jodi Arias. Jodi, after a couple years in jail, did admit to killing Travis. I don't believe her story and I wish the jury could have heard and seen all the evidence that we did.

Jodi will get up to 25 years in prison for killing Travis Anthony, she could even get the death penalty. It is all in the hands of the jury right now, let's see how long it takes them to deliberate this complicated case. If they remember the lies Jodi has told them over and over again, I can't imagine it will take all that long.

Jodi Arias Trial Day 55 Closing Arguments Part 2 - Juan Martinez Talks To The Jury

Jodi Arias Trial Day 55 Closing Arguments Part 2 - Juan Martinez Talks To The Jury

Meet Travis Alexander

This Is Not The Travis Jodi Talks About

This is a memorial written by Travis Alexander's friend, Deanna. I can relate to so much in this memorial page. Travis was 11 and went to his grandmother's house. He told her he was going to live there from now on. This page talks about Travis wrestling in High School and how he wrestled his sisters, it sounds just like my won boys who wrestled and tried the new moves they learned on their sisters ... and sometimes on their mother! It also says that Travis would flex his muscles, my son is a "flexer". This page, more than anything else I've read, tells me what I need to know about Travis.

Why not read it and meet Travis for yourself. Travis Alexander Justice - Memorial Page

Travis bought his home in 2004 and Deanna tells us how he bought Martha Stewart books and books about Feng Shui to help him with decorating ideas. He enjoyed making his new house a home he had envisioned living in. And it was a far cry from the home of his childhood, Travis was achieving his dreams.

The Jodi Arias Trial Cost The Taxpayers Of Arizona Over 1.7 Million Dollars

Who's Who In The Travis Alexander - Jodi Arias Case?

  1. Travis Alexander is the victim of this horrific crime. Travis was 31 years old when he was killed.
  2. Jodi Arias is the woman who killed Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008. Jodi was an obsessed woman who killed Travis in a rage. She stabbed him 27 times, slit his throat and shot him in the face. I believe she planned his death. Jodi spent 18 days on the stand.
  3. Juan Martinez is the prosecutor in this case. He told the jury, "Jodi Arias won't let Travis rest in peace".
  4. Kirk Nurmi is one of the two lawyers on the defense team. Kirk's specialty is getting people accused of sex crimes off. His website is Maricopa Sex Crimes.
  5. Jennifer Willmont is the other half of Jodi Arias' defense team. You can find out more about her at her website Willmott Law.
  6. Janeen DeMarte is the psychologist who said Jodi Arias did not suffer from PTSD or from an abusive relationship. In other words, she was not an abused woman, Dr. Janeen DeMarte said that Jodi suffered from borderline personality disorder. This witness put a big hole in the defense case, in fact, when the prosecution was done with her the defense team asked the judge if they could call another witness to counter Dr. DeMarte. They knew the damage she had done to their case and had to scramble to try to save it.
  7. Alyce LaViolette is a domestic abuse expert for the defense. She spent over 40 hours with Jodi and brought her some gifts. Alyce received death threats during her days on the witness stand and some thousand bad reviews on her Amazon book. Alyce said that Jodi was battered and abused and in fear of her life when she killed Travis. I don't agree with Alyce LaViolette's findings. This witness was on the stand for 8 days.
  8. Lisa Andrews Diadoni was an old girlfriend of Travis. He dated her at the same time he was seeing Jodi Arias.
  9. Daniel and Desiree Freeman, a brother and sister who traveled with Travis and Jodi sometimes.
  10. Daniel Brewer was an old boyfriend of Jodi's. He dated her for about 4 years. Daniel was 50 and Jodi was 21. Jodi stopped having sex with Daniel so she could start dating Travis.
  11. Raphael Colombo worked in Budget Rent A Car. He said when Jodi returned the rental car there were what he thought were Kool Aid stains in it. The car was cleaned and returned to the fleet to be rented.
  12. Kevin Friedman was a police officer in Yrecka who investigated the theft of the .25 caliber weapon from the home where Jodi was living with her grandparents.
  13. Ryan Burns was Jodi's alibi. He lived in Utah and Jodi visited him and had a couple of sexy make out sessions with him the day after she killed Travis. Jodi told Ryan that the cuts on her hands happened at "Margaritaville", a bar she worked at in her hometown of Yrecka. There is no such establishment in Yrecka. Ryan was also surprised to see a brunette Jodi rather than the blonde Jodi he knew.
  14. Dr. Kevin Horn works in the Medical Examiner's office of Maricopa County. He told the jury about the extensive wounds Travis Alexander sustained during the attack.
  15. Deanna Reid was a friend of Travis. She knew him well. She dated him for several years and at one time thought she would marry him. They stopped dating but remained good friends. Napoleon, Travis's dog, now lives with Deanna. The dog was left to Deanna in his will. He loved her and knew she would take great care of his trusted little pooch.
  16. Esteban Flores was the lead detective in the Travis Alexander murder case. Esteban sat patiently with Jodi explaining to her the evidence he had against her.
  17. Marie Hall, Mimi, was going to travel as a friend with Travis on a Pre Paid Legal trip to Cancun, Mexico. When she couldn't reach Travis as the travel date neared she contacted friends and they went to the house and found Travis dead in his bathroom shower. Mimi Hall dialed 911 and called for help.
  18. Judge Sherry K. Stephens works for the Maricopa County Superior Court and is in charge of these proceedings.

Sandra Arias And Her Statement To The Police - Jodi Aria's Mother

Jodi's Father Gives A Statement To The Police

The Defense Rests - Part 1 Of Kirk Nurmi's Closing Argument For Jodi Arias

Closing Argument For The Defense - The Jodi Arias Trial Part 2

May 8th - The Alexander Family Statement To The Press On Hearing The Guilty Of First Degree Murder Conviction

The Alexander Family Made A Statement

Today, May 8, 2013, some 4 months after this trial started the jury found Jodi Ann Arias guilty of first degree murder. Jodi killed Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008. The jury will now have to decide if Jodi is going to get life in prison or the death penalty.

Tonight Jodi Arias is on suicide watch at the Maricosa jail. She has said that "death is the ultimate freedom" and that she would prefer death to life in prison. The young lady might get her wish, but we will have to wait for the jury to decide once again.

I watched the faces of Travis Alexander's brother, sisters, brother in laws and friends in the courtroom seats. They were relieved to have Jodi found guilty, but I cannot say that they looked happy. Too much has passed under the bridge for them to be happy, they are relieved that Travis got justice.

The siblings of Travis Alexander thanked Juan Martinez and Detective Flores for their hard work, today after hearing the verdict of guilty in the first degree in the Jodi Arias trial. They also asked that the media respect their privacy as they will not give any interviews for a while. An attorney said his law firm would be filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Jodi Arias. Is this to stop Jodi from profiting on any book sales that might come her way? There is a "Son of Sam" law in Arizona but some lawyers say it's unconstitutional and won't hold up in a court of law. I would hate to see Jodi profit from this terrible event.

My thoughts on this?

I hope they don't go after another conviction. That would serve no purpose. It would put Jodi in the limelight she loves so much, it will cost the taxpayers another fortune and for what gain? They already got the first degree murder conviction they wanted and with it Travis's reputation has been as restored as it's going to get. Most people find him to have been a pretty normal guy, not perfect, but then who among us is. I say leave it alone, go mourn your brother, toast your small victory, and honor Travis by getting on with your lives. Don't give this woman another minute in the spotlight. Instead try to find a way to prevent Jodi from profiting from this story.

***I was under the impression that Jodi Arias would never be able to make any money from the killing of Travis Alexander. I might be mistaken. I believed the Son of Sam Law would prevent that from happening, but I've been reading about it and it might not be true. If Travis' family is going to file a civil suit for this reason, I guess I have to agree it is the correct way to proceed. It would be a terrible thing for Jodi to profit from the death of Travis Alexander.

Jodi Arias Interview On May 8th After Being Found Guilty Of First Degree Murder

Jodi Arias' Interview After Hearing Her Conviction Of First Degree Murder

Jodi gave an interesting interview. She points the finger at everyone but herself, she doesn't think it's worth mentioning Nancy Grace, she hopes Travis Alexander's family can find some semblance of peace, and she says her mother has been "A Saint". She is overwhelmed when she is asked about her mother. Jodi also tells us she would rather get death than life in prison. Watch it. You've got to admit it, it's very difficult to rattle this young woman.

Jodi Is On Suicide Watch Tonight

Court room proceedings have been delayed until Wednesday, but we haven't been told why. Is it because Jodi is not in any condition to appear in court? Is she overcome with depression and suicidal thoughts? We will have to wait to find out.

Okay, we found out why and it's exactly what we thought, Jodi is on Suicide Watch. She is being held in a psychiatric facility and won't be returned to her jail cell until she has been evaluated and determined not to be a risk to herself.

May 15, 2013

Jodi has been returned to the Maricopa Jail after being held at the Lower Buckeye Jail. It's routine to hold prisoners at another facility when they are under a suicide watch, as Jodi was. She had a psychological evaluation and was returned to the all female jail where she has been held since her 2008 arrest.

Jodi is still being watched under a closed custody status. She can get out of her cell for about an hour a day when she can make phone calls, take a shower, the things that she must complete from outside her cell.

Next comes the penalty phase of her trial when the jury must decide Jodi's fate. Their choices are life in prison or the death penalty. There are already three women on death row in the state of Arizona, and it only remains to be seen whether Jodi Arias will join them for killing Travis Alexander. Those women are: Wendi E. Andriano, Shawna Forde, and Debra Jean Milke.

The Aggravation Phase Of The Jodi Arias Trial - May 15, 2013

Jodi has been found guilty of first degree murder. Now the jury has to decide whether this murder was unusually cruel or if there were no aggravating factors involved in this slaying.

Juan spoke to the members of the jury today. He presented the evidence and then had 2 minutes of silence in the courtroom. That two minute silent period seemed like forever to us, imagine how it felt to Travis Alexander. And that's how much time Jodi Arias had to stab him 27 times, shoot him in the head and slit his throat.

Jodi's defense attorney Kirk Nurmi asked the jury to put away feelings of passion or emotion felt by seeing the pictures of Travis, and not to pay attention to the two minutes of silence. He arguesd that Travis had so much adrenaline flowing while he was being killed he probably couldn't feel the pain. Not such a good argument I guess, Kirk.

The jury came back with a verdict of guilty finding that Jodi was "especially cruel" during the killing of Travis Alexander. This decision means that Jodi is eligible for the death penalty in the sentencing phase of her trial.

The Penalty Phase In The Jodi Arias Murder Trial - May 16, 2013

Jodi's been convicted of murder in the first degree, she has been found guilty of cruelty in the aggravate phase and now all that's left is the penalty phase of this long winded trial.

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 16, 2013, the courtroom will hear from the family of Travis Alexander as they tell how the killing has effected them, and the family of Jodi Arias will probably tell how a death penalty verdict will effect them. Witnesses will try to make us believe that Jodi is human and deserves mercy.

Then it's up to the jury to decide whether Jodi Ann Arias will get the death penalty or life in prison for the murder of Travis Alexander in 2008.

The Jodi Arias Trial On Video - Find Videos Of The Trial From Day 1 To Day 9

Jodi Arias Trial Videos Day 10 Thru Day 19

Jodi Arias Trial Videos Day 20 thru Day 29

Jodi Arias Trial Videos Day 30 thru Day 39

Jodi Arias Trial Videos Day 39 thru Day 44

Jodi Arias Trial Videos Day 45 thru Day 51

Jodi Arias Trial Videos Day 52 thru Day 56

On May 14th, Willmont And Nurmi Tried To Withdraw As Jodi's Council

A motion was filed and quickly denied by Judge Stevens to allow Jennifer Willmont & Kurk Nurmi to withdraw as Jodi's legal council. Wonder what brought that on? Was it losing the case, Jodi's last interview, or are they just tired? If you have any more info on this, I'd appreciate your sharing!

Here's where you can see the motion; Here's The Motion

Did You Hear That Jodi Arias Trial Attornies Willmont & Nurmi Tried To Withdraw As Council?

I just heard this and it's May 16th! Let me know if you heard about this when it happened and if you know where I can get some more information about it.

Did You Know Nurmi And Willmont Tried To Withdraw As Jodi's Council

See results

Aggrevation Phase, Penalty Phase, Family Statements

These are the last several videos we will see in this case. It's the penalty phase that will break your heart. We have to listen to Stephen Alexander talk about what he lost when his brother died and what he's lost since this trial began. It will have you in tears, and you will have a new respect for Stephen for the great job he did telling us his story. Next Travis' sister, Samantha, tells us how the death of Travis has changed her life and the lives of her family. She, like Stephen, does a great job and with both we can see how difficult it is for them to voice their pain.

The Penalty Phase Of The Jodi Arias Trial

"We Can Never Get Him Back"

The penalty phase is the saddest one of all the trial. We first hear the jury instructions from the judge and then we listen to the heartbreak of Travis Alexander's family. We also get to see Jodi cry some more, but today it's particularly aggravating. Today is a day when Samantha and Stephen Alexander fight to hold back tears so they can give their heartfelt statements about how the death of Travis has and will continue, to affect their lives.

Stephen said he thought Travis was "bulletproof", that nothing could stop him. Stephen has suffered from depression, nightmares and more since the murder of his brother. He said, " I don't want these nightmares anymore, I don't want to see my brother's killer anymore. Stephen read a part of Travis' blog to us. It's called "2008 Affirmation" and it begins This Year will be the Best year of my life. This reminds us of who Travis was and what he dreamt of becoming. Stephen did a great job of sharing his thoughts and feelings with the jury and all of us.

Samantha is a law enforcement officer and she told us what Travis meant to her, to her family and what losing him means. She told us a lot about who Travis Alexander was and how he helped everyone around him. She and Stephen have been in court everyday, and so has their sister, Tanesha Alexander Sorenson. Watching the strong and loving family of Travis, as they share these sad but genuine statements is quite a testament to the love they have for their brother. I hope they can find peace now that this ordeal is over.

After Stephen and Samantha shared their thoughts and feelings with the jury, the judge excused the jury stating that they would not be able to continue court today. She told them to be back in court on Monday, May 20.

Jodi Arias' Defense Lawyers Will Not Call Witnesses

Another wasted day in the Jodi Arias trial. Jodi's defense lawyers are at a standstill. They want to be taken off this case. They have asked to be removed as her council several times during these proceedings and their requests have been denied by the judge. They have also requested a mistrial and that too, was denied.

I knew of two witnesses that were supposed to speak for Jodi, they are Patricia Womack and Darryl Brewer. Nurmi said that Womack would not testify because she is afraid. She said she is getting death threats. Jodi may be on the stand tomorrow, and I cannot wait to hear what she has to say.

I can understand her defense teams reluctance to represent her, after all, she did go on record after the verdict as saying she would rather die. How do you try to get your client life in prison when she is saying she would prefer death?

Why did I think this trial would end in a calm and usual manner? There's been nothing regular at all about it since it began in January. So, let's see if Jodi does make it to the stand tomorrow so we can hear what she has to say.

P.S. The Lifetime movie will air on June 22 - I don't even know if I care to watch it after sitting on the edge of my seat with this everlasting trial!

Jodi Arias Asks The Jury To Spare Her Life

In a passionate plea, Jodi Arias, has asked the jury to spare her life and sentence her to life in prison rather than giving her the death penalty. Jodi asked this for her family, she says they have suffered enough. She promises to do some good with her life. Here are some of the ways Jodi would like to contribute to the world ... she will donate her hair, she can implement teaching programs and teach fellow inmates, she would like to start a recycling program, she will start a reading club and fight illiteracy within the prison, and she can support the programs by selling her "survivor" tee-shirts ... you know, the shirts she designed. Jodi said, "In prison there are programs I can start and people I can help."

We see a slide show created for the jury. Jodi as a little girl, Jodi with her family, friends, and old boyfriends. Jodi being Jodi and she does it well. She talks about all she will not do, and does mention Travis and his family. Is she sorry? I don't know, I don't really think she can be. She isn't capable of feeling sorry for anyone but herself.

Jodi did say that killing Travis Alexander was the "Worst Mistake" in her short life, and she will be sorry about it for the rest of her life.

Jodi Said

"I Deserve A Second Chance At Freedom Someday"

Jodi Was Horrified

Jodi Arias told the jury that she was "horrified" that she stabbed Travis, shot him and slit his throat.

I, too, am horrified by this young woman's actions and by her lies. But now we are down to the end of this trial, and Jodi will be sentenced very soon. What do you think the sentence will be? Will the jury be able to sentence her to death? And if they do, what does that really mean? Death in prison will still be life in prison. I used to think the death penalty was a deterrent against violent crime, but I'm not so sure about that any longer. And in this case it doesn't apply but what about an innocent person who has been wrongly convicted? Last minute thoughts on the seriousness of this crime and of the possible punishment of this crime. Does a civilized society put people to death? It's all too big for me to ponder right now.

The Jodi Arias Jury Cannot Make A Unanimous Decision - Did Anyone Notice Jodi Isn't Trying To Look Like J. Willmont Today?

The death penalty has to be a difficult sentence to vote for, so I cannot really blame the jury for having a tough time deciding whether or not Jodi will get the death penalty or life in prison ... that decision must be unanimous. It's a decision each one of them will have to live with for everyday of their lives. Jodi says she will take whatever comes. If it's death she will go through the mandatory appeals that come along with it. If it's life in prison, Jodi says she will try to help other inmates. She doesn't want to die, or so she says, because it will be too painful for her family.

She doesn't think there is an untainted jury out there who will be able to replace the present jury, so she - like us - will just have to wait and see what is going to happen.

I am hoping she gets life in prison, but not because I don't think she deserves the death penalty. I just don't know if the death penalty means that much, except for the fact that Jodi would be alone. She won't have a cell mate, her recreation time will be by herself, she can talk to other prisoners by yelling down the hall. No lights, no cameras, no interviews, certainly a fitting punishment for her. If she is given life in prison she will be in the general population, be given "a job", have recreational time with other prisoners, it's a more social imprisonment.

I did some research on the subject and found out there are 3 women on Death Row in Arizona. One has been there for 23 years and the last time a woman was put to death in the Grand Canyon State was in 1930. When I read that I figured that Jodi may as well get life without the benefit of parole, it works out to a very long time in jail, and it will get her out of the limelight she so enjoys. Too bad she is enjoying it at the expense of her own family, of Travis Alexander's family, and most prominently, at Travis Alexander's expense.

So, once more it's a waiting game and we all just have to be patient while the jury decides the fate of this convicted femme fatale. Jodi said in an interview that "her lawyers let her down by not calling more witnesses to help prove that Travis was abusive". She also thinks she "deserves a chance at freedom someday". So it is Jodi being Jodi as usual.

When the jury came out and said they were not able to come up with a unanimous decision the judge asked them to keep on trying. Court was recessed for today but there will be deliberations tomorrow, Thursday, May 23, 2013.

What will happen if the jury cannot decide?

When a jury cannot decide they are called a hung jury. In Arizona when a jury of a death penalty case cannot come up with a unanimous decison, a new jury is chosen. If the second jury cannot decide unanimously the sentence is left up to the judge to give her life in prison with no chance of parole or life in prison with chance of parole in 25 years.

There Was A Hung Jury - Judge Stephens Declares A Mistrial In The Penalty Phase

Anyone who has been giving the Jodi Arias trial any attention knew it wasn't going to be easy, but this trial keeps going on and on like the Energizer Bunny. It just won't quit. The jury could not come to an unanimous decision and today, May 23rd, a mistrial in the penalty phase has been declared. The judge thanked the jurors for their service to their community and did comment on the fact that this was not your everyday trial. Which we all know it was not.

One juror actually mouthed the word "Sorry" to the Alexander family. This mistrial gives new life to these tired court proceedings. It still has to be determined if Jodi should get a life sentence or the death penalty for killing Travis Alexander.

Now a new jury must be selected and judge Sherry Stephens set the retrial date for July 18th. It's going to be a long, hot summer for Jodi Arias, the Alexander family, the Arias family, and all the viewers and followers of this unbelievable case.

Jodi's Lawyers Are Trying To Delay The Penalty Phase

The Arias defense team asked Judge Stevens for a delay in the penalty phase, a delay that would push this phase of the trial to January, 2014. It seems they think it will take that long to find someone to testify in Jodi's behalf before her sentence is imposed. There was a friend who was willing to testify but after receiving death threats the woman pulled out.

Remember the movie Lifetime was filming? Well, it will be on TV next Saturday. The date is June 22, 2013, it will air at 8 P.M. and the name is "Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Liar". The film is about the murder of Travis Alexander and what's happened in the case since then.

July 2013 The New Jodi Arias Jury

Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott want to know if any possible jurors have a Twitter account. Twitter is an online social medium vehicle that would make it very easy to leak court room information. They also want to make sure none of the jury gets any news from Twitter while they are sitting on the jury. If you remember, it was Jodi herself who had a Twitter account and sent out messages through a friend during the Travis Alexander murder trial.

The penalty phase of this very long trial is about to begin ... again.


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