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key points to a successful relationship.

Updated on August 10, 2016

Ways to a successful relationship

How do we make relationships work whether they are a new relationship from a few weeks to an older one of a few years? I've learned why most relationships don't work are trust/truth, communication, commitment and unfortunately infidelity. For example when you first meet someone whether it's online or in person, we start this perception of how to capture their attention, see if there's a connection. Yet we're so afraid of being ourselves and blinded by lust or attraction that we fail to show our true nature. We don't let them see us real but as who we think they want. So trust and truth falls under this paragraph. Be honest and tell the truth, you'd be surprised how in love with a person you call fall when it's real and honest. Girls and guys if you have to hide your phone or think is this okay it's usually not. We all want the same things out of love. Honesty, faithful and commitment. Happiness and purity falls with it all.

Next is communication. Okay so we all have had pasts, bad relationships and break-ups but why take it out, or hide thing from a new woman or man? If we just learm to say what we want and talk about things rationally it is more likely to not end in fighting or worse. If youre having a bad day tell her/him its not personal but this happened and talk through it instead of letting them believe it's them or this or that. Just don't beat around the bush say what's on your mind. If you aren't good with words find other ways to express yourself to her/him. Money doesn't buy it happiness, a sweet simple gesture goes a long way.

Commitment is easy, if you aren't ready don't lead a person on to think you are. If you're recently single don't go looking for love when you aren't even a week into being single. Don't hurt another because you are hurting. Resorting back to previous wats to make a relationship work. Be honest about what you want and communicate your situation and emotions. We know if our heart is ready or not.

Last but not least infidelity. Simple enough don't cheat, if you have to think about or hide it you're lying it's a form of cheating and will lead to the worst of cheating. Don't do it. If you aren't happy or can't stay faithful stay single. Don't break someone down mentally because you're broken inside.

We'll those are my two cents on some tips for love. Considering I'm engaged and use these to help me in my strong, happy and faithful relationship.


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