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Know If Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Updated on December 1, 2010

Knowing a Lasting Relationship

Everyone in a romantic relationship always think that the one they have now will be forever. Especially the girls, they tend to dream that their boyfriend will always be the one that they would spend their whole life with. They build dreams together, plan for their future as a married couple and do things in forever's sake. And because of that, they usually end up crying and getting crazy when our so-called love of our life broke up with them and left. Their happiest life will automatically turned into something worst and some usually can't get over it which is really bad. That's why it is recommended that from the beginning, women should already be aware of what kind of relationship do they have with their boyfriends.

Knowing your relationship with anyone will help you decide on the things that you need to expect from them. If you will be able to know from the start that the kind of relationship you have with your boyfriend is not good or obviously not going to be until forever then you can immediately be prepared with it. Always measure your relationship so you could able to distinguish the right one earlier, you don't have to waste time for there will only be one person that could give you that great love and true happiness.

Find out what kind of relationship you have right now and see for yourself if it will going to last or not.

  1. The first kind of relationship usually deals with the pleasure that you get from each other. You may enjoy playful moments, passionate sex and other things but if you would think of it deeper, it is just pure joy of body and ego. The relationship you have will never help you grow and mature in a good way as a couple and that is an obvious reason that it will never give you that one great happiness.
  2. Second kind deals with utility or a relationship where you can get real great benefits. It requires money, power, status, and beauty and because of this that’s why trophy girlfriends and rich guys were always on the top list of ideal relationship partners. Girls always give their boyfriends something to show their thoughtfulness such as shirt, shoes, and even cash. But if you already felt that he is just enjoying your gifts and doesn’t give you anything even just little wedding favors from the wedding he attended, then maybe you are in this kind of relationship and will never be happy.
  3. The third and last kind of relationship deals with sharing your own virtues. This kind of relationship challenges and inspires the both of you to grow and be at your best. It’s a kind of love that will not only accept you for who you are but will also help you to bring out the best in you in all aspect. Even without money, power, pleasure and beauty, you can still experience that happiness and love that will last for a very long time.

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