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l am left crying

Updated on February 26, 2013

l am crying

l am crying, l am not lying, l am almost dying,

What was the motive of your crime?

To fall in love, to say that you were mine,

But things are not so fine,

when you didn't care a dime,

You said that you would take me in your arms forever and ever,

I though you were so cool,

My love you turned me into a fool,

l am standing in a pool,

My tears are flowing until it is full,

l guess that this is how l was born

My heart left with an empty hole,

l wake from my dream,

unreal so it seemed,

Where are all my hugs and kisses gone,

Those words of love, they turned so sour,

l count each and every hour,

l am crying, l am dying,

In the pool of my own blood,

The words of your love,

repeat in my mind,

The last tear drops,

The last breath has almost stopped,

Good bye my friend, my love, my life,

At least let me taste your last kiss, of death.


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    • Mr.Betka profile image

      Mr.Betka 7 years ago

      My grandpa is a live and he is 76 yearold