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lackluster note on love

Updated on March 25, 2011

this is a post from my facebook, about 6 months ago...

one thing i like about facebook is that no matter where we are in the world, we always have a way of staying connected, updated and reassured of how our friends and loved ones are doing. i'm glad it's giving me the chance keep in touch with friends, and even relatives who at times, make the wrong decision of coming to me for advice. hahaha

anyway, i was reviewing my inbox, just checking messages when i stumbled upon this. it's my reply to a friend's big love problem...

... the weird thing is, i don't even recognize the thoughts on these words. it's as if it was never me who typed them, and sent it to her. but nope, it was me. i just can't believe i can't take my own advice.

hay _____. romance. love. what are they? they're learned, they're earned, they're found. naa ra ana'ng tulo (it's any of the three). a loving partner can all of a sudden be a stranger when things go bad. a bad person can be surprisingly sweet and cariing, when it's called for. no one can tell what you're getting with love... i guess, mao na akong na realize (i guess that's what i've realized) after all that i've been through... i admit though, i'm still longing for that guy who would sweep me off my feet and love me consistently, unconditionally... pero (but) do we wait for that guy? or just lay out our own destinies? i admit, there's a big chance you'll meet that guy in the future. but no one can tell when, or if that would even happen. the only thing we can do right now is make sure that we cover our tracks and we make plans that don't always involve that other half we've been dreaming of. like nimo (you). you finished college, pursuing dreams abroad, then if you have all that, would it really matter if you have found love? in the real world, it wouldn't. when people see that you're doing well financially, even if you don't have the love of your life by your side, you're still considered a very fortunate person. but, if you find that love you've been searching for, but not get that financial stability every civilized person needs, would you worry about what other people would say, or would you sit there, in the cold, buried in debt, but be in the arms of your soulmate and not mind a thing?

we have to make a choice <man gud>. what kind of happiness do we really want...mao na ang (that's the) question that needs to be answered right now. we're old enough to really decide what we want. but we're also too old to rely on chance and just keep hoping for the best. in the end, destiny is what we make of it, diba (right)?so think this through. if you find your answer, then tell me. just make sure you gave it all the effort, gave it all the thought, resisted any external factor that could influence your decisions... kay kung mag sige pod ka'g kuyug ug laki, di jud ka maka huna-huna ug tarong (coz if you keep hanging around a guy, you'd never think right). human as we are, we are susceptible to kindness and sweetenss.

ambot nganong mao ni akong reply nimo. (i don't know why this is my reply to you) hahaha...


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