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Top 10 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Updated on August 31, 2017

Laugh Out Loud Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Thinking about incorporating a funny topper on your wedding cake? Check out the top ten funny wedding cake toppers that made my cut.

You will find funny toppers reflecting careers, hobbies, habits, interests, sports, pets, and on and on.

Take a quick break from the busy-ness of wedding planning and have a little fun looking at some of the most comical, clever and funny wedding cake toppers available. It will not take long and, if nothing else, you will enjoy a laugh or two.

Be sure to cherish each moment of the journey as you plan and prepare for one of the biggest days in your life. Spend a minute or two enjoying what I consider to be the top ten funny wedding cake toppers out there!


Number 10 Funny Wedding Cake Topper: 'Can You Hear Me Now?'

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Smartphone!

If you and your honeybun spend WAAAYYYY too much time talking, surfing, tweeting, facebooking, or using apps on your smartphones every day, perhaps this funny topper is for you.

Made from non-toxic polymer clay, the hand-holding pair is 3.5 inches tall and stands on a wood base that is .75 inch high and 4 inches wide. You can select the color of the couple, the accessories, the accompanying heart carved with your initials, the stand and whether or not you wish to have the bride wearing a tulle veil, which is included in the basic price of $75.


Number 9 Funny Wedding Cake Topper: 'Muscleman and the Mrs.' - Feature your favorite hobbies on your funny topper

This topper is a hoot! The weightlifter groom has his bride perched on his barbells, sporting her wedding bouquet and a bag from her latest shopping trip.

Made from polymer clay, every figure on this topper is handmade and customized with personal details, including hair and eye colors, pets, if any, flower and clothing information and shopping bags from three of the bride's favorite stores.

Your names and wedding date are included on the banner at the bottom of the topper.

The finished topper is 5-6 inches high and 4-5 inches wide.


Number 8 Funny Wedding Cake Topper: 'A Passion for Pizza' - Pepperoni and cheese, please!

Do the two of you have a passion for pizza? What could be more perfect than displaying whatever passion you share with a similarly comical topper on your wedding cake?

The artist fashions incredibly accurate and intricate likenesses of both of you from polymer clay after receiving your specifications by means of photos and a completed questionnaire.


Number 7 Funny Wedding Cake Topper: Robots in Love - Steampunk Sweethearts

These steampunk cuties are cogs-over-heels in love with each other!

Their heads, bodies and base are crafted from wood, while their arms and legs are made out of wire and sculpey clay. Everything else consists of found objects made from wood, wire or plastic.

Hand painted, each robot stands from 3 to 5 inches tall.

The coppery groom is wearing a silvery bow tie, a gear boutonniere and is holding a copper-colored heart. His blushing bride has a long copper veil with silvery highlights and carries a bouquet made up of tiny spheres.

Their scale is shown with a US nickel, bottom left, used for reference.


Number 6 Funny Wedding Cake Topper: 'Let's Dance!' - Shake a leg!

Do you love to dance almost as much as you love your honey?

Get into the swing of things with this silhouette cut from acrylic, available in ten different colors, including silver mirror, shown here. Other colors options are: gold mirror, black, brown, white, ivory, red, orange, yellow, blue, turquoise and purple (violet).

The figures are 5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide, with a 2 inch cake pick for secure placement.


Have A Couple Favorite Funny Wedding Cake Toppers Yet?

Five down, five to go! Find one you like already? Let everyone know!


Which topper tickles your funny bone the most so far?

See results

Number 5 Funny Wedding Cake Topper: Let's Run For It! - Ready, set, GO!

Do you and your main squeeze share a love of running or are you in a hurry to go on your honeymoon? Either way, this smartly-stylized topper has my vote!

It offers customizable details, including: skin tone, color and style of the bride's bouquet, attire of the bride and groom. The bride's dress on the topper is hand-sewn to closely match your actual wedding gown.

The topper is 3 inches tall, sits on a 2" X 2" tile.


Number 4 Funny Wedding Cake Topper: Love Me, Love My Motorcycle! - Show off your bike

There is something about riding a motorcycle that is like nothing else! This topper shows a red Honda Goldwing, but the artist will create your topper using whatever bike you desire.

There are complete instructions on her site with details of how and where to find a 1:18 replica of your machine if you wish to supply the motorcycle yourself.

You select the bride and groom's hair color, hairstyle, attire, and any other details related to the wedding couple's appearance.

The topper can be used directly on the cake or with a base, as shown.


Number 3 Funny Wedding Cake Topper: 'Miss Piggy and Kermit Get Married' - Oh, Kermie, I love you!

If you are mad for Miss Piggy and Kermit, you will adore this handmade rendition of them in all their wedding splendor!

Made from polymer clay, Miss Piggy is about 4 inches tall.

You can select the colors in the bridal bouquet and the color of Miss Piggy's hair.


Number 2 Funny Wedding Cake Topper: 'Country Chic' - Let's go huntin'!

He loves to hunt and fish and you love everything country - talk about a match made in Heaven! These two hand-made figures are crafted from polymer clay and stand about 4.5 to 5 inches tall.

Totally customizable, the artist needs details of your wedding theme and colors, the groom's clothing, hair and eye color, hairstyle and type of flower for his boutonniere.

The bride's details include the particulars regarding the gown, eye and hair color, hairstyle and flowers in the bouquet.

Also needed are the desired base color, and details of any props, such as a bicycle, car, boat or any other favorite items.


Number 1 Funny Wedding Cake Topper : 'I'd Climb the Highest Mountain for You!' - No mountain too high

Made to scale the side of your wedding cake, this rock-climbing wedding couple is made from non-tarnishing wire.

Each figure is suspended by a rope which is attached by pushing a spike, included with your topper, into the top of the cake. The pair comes with a black orthoceras fossil rock base, to which they can be attached for display purposes after the wedding.

Complete instructions for mounting your topper is included.

Find more custom rock and wire wedding cake toppers are available at


Are you ready? Are you set?


Which One Made the Grade?

Now that you have seen the top 10 funny wedding cake toppers, you are well-equipped to choose your favorite!


Who is Number One on Your List?

See results

Love Bites - This funny wedding cake topper was too good to leave out of the mix!

I think this topper is hysterical! Made from polymer clay and standing just a wee 2" tall, these love piranhas pack a big bite!

Options available:

Choose the colors of the bride and groom love piranhas

Choose the color of the flower on the bride's head

Choose the color of the 4" base


You Are My Lifesaver, My Darling! - Who is saving whom? Hmmm?

This funny topper would be perfect for any wedding, particularly a tropical desination or beach-themed ceremony.

The topper is 5" to 6.5" high and 5.5" to 6.5" wide and is made from light-weight, non-toxic, air-dry clay.

To ensure an accurate rendering of your personal details, the artist requests photos/descriptions of both of you, your wedding attire, wedding colors, the pose desired and any accessories and background details you wish to include.

Another option available is the addition of your names and wedding date inscribed on a heart on the base.


Rock On! - Wedding Cupcake Toppers

For the rockin', cupcake lovin' bride and groom, check out these metal guitar picks, stamped with words of your choice. Use them as cool wedding favors for your guests!

Each pick is attached to a plastic toothpick for easy cupcake insertion. Made to order in the USA from scrap metal that would otherwise end up in landfills, these picks are eco-friendly, washable and reusable.

The picks are hand stamped for a vintage vibe, using the 'Typewriter' font, in uppercase, lowercase or a combination of cases. Pick one word or multiple words. Each pick is about 1-3/8" at the widest point by 4" high.


Mr. & Mrs. Frog

Express your love of the great outdoors with this funny wedding cake topper of Mr. & Mrs. Frog, complete with rings on their fingers!


The Owl & The Pussycat

If yours is a storybook romance, you'll certainly want to carry the theme through with this adorable Owl & Pussycat wedding cake topper.

The artist says this pair are 'Love Angels' and they will always keep their eyes on you. This topper duo is in their leaf boat all ready to sail into their new lives together...are you ready to sail away with them?


Crab Couple

Are you having a beachside, oceanside or tropical destination wedding? What could be more fitting than using this adorable Crab Couple as your wedding cake topper?

Personalize it with a sports cap featuring your favorite team and a stylized miniature bridal bouquet.


Gone Campin'

Give a hint as to your honeymoon plans with this cute replica of a tent for two wedding cake topper! Although the topper shown here was made for another wedding couple, the artist welcomes the opportunity to make a totally custom camping topper for you.


Have You Already Selected Your Wedding Venue and Wedding Gown? - Cake too? Care to share? I would love to hear about your ideas!

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    • snowy12 profile image


      5 years ago

      These are so cute and funny. :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      very funny :)

    • Zeross4 profile image

      Renee Dixon 

      6 years ago from Kentucky

      I always liked the cake topper of the bride dragging the groom, but these are some very funny and unique toppers indeed! Great job, I would like this if I wasn't all out of likes :(

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm not getting married at anytime soon, but these cake toppers are fun and cute! I like the owl and cat that you have toward the end of the lens. I also like the robots... thanks for sharing!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great lens

    • happy-birthday profile image

      Birthday Wishes 

      7 years ago from Here

      Not yet, but I got very inspired from your awesome lens! Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • jayavi profile image


      7 years ago

      nice work. Thanks for sharing.

    • choosehappy profile image


      7 years ago from US

      So cute! I love the climb the highest mountain for you wedding cake ;)

    • WebWriteGirl LM profile image

      WebWriteGirl LM 

      7 years ago

      that pizza topper is funny!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      My fave is the 1s on top actually.

    • Phoenix2361 profile image


      7 years ago

      These are such a fun change from the traditional bride and groom toppers.

    • KateHonebrink profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @JZinoBodyArt: I agree with you! The piranhas are my favorite, too! They are so cute!! Kate Hon

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Beautiful lens, great job! Thumbs up

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm glad you threw in the Piranhas at the end! They're my new favorite!

    • squallpogi profile image


      7 years ago

      lol.. these are really cute..

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      What a delightful idea to have these funny toppers on the wedding cake!

    • DIY Mary profile image

      DIY Mary 

      7 years ago

      I love all of these funny wedding cake toppers!

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      7 years ago from USA

      Certainly a different way to go for those who are looking for a new idea other than the traditional. Fun cake toppers.

    • dc64 lm profile image

      dc64 lm 

      8 years ago

      These are so cute and funny. If I ever had a wedding cake topper it would read "I thought I said No".

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Already married, but you do have some fun wedding cake toppers to choose from.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      These are so clever and creative. So much better than the normal, boring husband and wife on top of most wedding cakes. This is a very fun lens you've created.

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 

      8 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      Very cute wedding cake toppers. Love those robots!

    • Spiderlily321 profile image


      8 years ago

      These are really cute. I like all of them. Thanks for sharing. And no I haven't selected my gown or venue yet or cake for that matter. I will soon though and you've given me some great ideas!

    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 

      8 years ago from Pittsburgh

      Absolutely too cute and funny. Angel Blessings**

    • GOT LM profile image

      GOT LM 

      8 years ago

      Nice wedding cakes. So creative.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I like Mr & Mrs Smart Phone. :)

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      8 years ago

      So cute and unique. Blessed!

    • kimark421 profile image


      8 years ago

      These were really cool. Great lens!

    • goo2eyes lm profile image

      goo2eyes lm 

      8 years ago

      thank you for asking. i am already taken.

    • Scotties-Rock profile image


      8 years ago from OREFIELD, PA

      These are so cute! This lens is adorable and I really loved them all. :) Blessed!

    • squid-pinkchic18 profile image


      8 years ago

      These are really cute! And I can honestly say I've never seen them before! That's rare these days.


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