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LEGO Wedding Cake

Updated on February 25, 2013

How to build a LEGO Wedding cake

For our 2009 wedding, my husband and I built a LEGO wedding cake. We both have strong ties to LEGO and LEGOLAND (because that is where we met) so we knew is some way, shape or form, LEGO was going to have to be a part of our wedding.

Not only are my husband and I former LEGO Model Builders, but we are artists in our own right who LOVE a good challenge. We built this 30" tall fully decorated LEGO cake in about 6 hours! It was so much fun that we just jammed it out, together.

Check out my LEGOLAND and LEGO blog,, for more theme park and LEGO deals and ideas!

The best part about a LEGO cake is that it is not TOO difficult to build. It is a basic shape built with basic brick that can be transformed into a cake for any occasion, depending on how you choose to decorate it.

The cake made the most beautiful display. Our wedding was in my parents park-like backyard. There is a little playhouse right next to the pool and patio. We placed the cake on the front porch of the little house and everyone marveled over it the entire night. We love it so much, none of us has the heart to take it apart!

Now, for the serving and cutting of cake, we used tiramisu sheet cake and did a dessert table for our guests to choose from a variety of NON-LEGO desserts.

What You Need

and where to find the LEGO

When most people think of LEGO, they think of primary colors, but we used a collection of white brick for the three-tiered cake form. We used a variety of sea green, transparent light blue, transparent clear, pink and green. Most of the rare and unique parts we used came from my Mom's LEGO collection and most of the basic brick and basic specials came from mine.

We used:

- a decent collection of white 1x and 2x brick

- a mixed collection of colored 2x2 and larger 2x brick (for the interior scaffolding)

- a mixed collection of misc colored brick for the interior walls (to use where white would not be seen - I'm assuming that you may have to really stretch your white like I did)

- our entire collection of white specials and architectural elements, from arches to slopes

- a selection of transparent light blue brick and plate - 1x1's and 1x2's

- white animals, sea creatures, minifigures

- special white printed tiles

- gold coins

- greenery

- flowers

To make the large Duplo flowers:

- Duplo flowers in trans light blue

- Green flexible tubing

- 2x2 round plates

Keep in mind that these parts were collected over the years, so it is not all readily available. You can find many LEGO sets and Parts on

Many INDIVIDUAL LEGO pieces can be found in's You can always get INDIVIDUAL LEGO bricks at Pick-a-brick is where most of the special and rare parts were purchased.

Start collecting your LEGO - LEGO Friends Sets can kickstart your LEGO collection

The new LEGO Friends sets have a lot of the "girlier" pieces that are fantastic for this type of a project. Buying multiples of sets that have pieces you like is a good way to start a usable collections of special parts.

How to start your cake

Once you have all your white brick pulled and sorted by size, start with a circle on a baseplate or grouping of baseplates.

Use both 2x and 1x brick to lay out a circle shape, using the largest pieces possible. The circle should ultimately be 2 to 3 knobs deep.

Take the time to make sure your circle is perfectly round. Use a bowl, pot or pan as a model for the shape.

Next layer, you will be mimicking the layer before, but sending your brick in the opposite direction in order to INTERLOCK your bricks, establishing a pattern.

Meanwhile, inside your cake will be scaffolding. This can be multi-colored brick, because it won't be seen. It provides stability and a way to put the "roof" on each cake layer. Start a GRID on the interior of your first layer of cake. You will build 3 layers of this grid, one on top of the other and well interlocked. For uprights, you will use 2x2 bricks, stacked on top of each other. Make 10 of these and stack them about 8 bricks high and spaced them evenly apart. Ideally these will be spaced 4, 6, or 8 knobs apart and will easily lock together at the top with x6, x8 or x10 brick.

Once you get to 1 level below the top of the cake, you will repeat the grid pattern with PLATE on top of your 2x2 towers, so the roof of the first layer of cake can lock on to the grid and the top layer is very sturdy. There will be 2 layers of GRID and 1 layer of "Roof". Do not worry about covering the center. That will not be seen as you add the next layer.

You will see why choosing your grid pattern and pieces wisely is very important when you try to construct your roof. The best grid will lay the perfect foundation to place your roof pieces on.

Repeat steps for the second and third layer of the cake. You can see the start of the 2nd tier shape coming together in this photo.

My husband, a seriously fast and efficient builder jammed out the 3 tiered base, while I pulled all the pieces for him. We even had to use my "Homemaker Set" cabinets inside the cake to fill in large white spaces and stretch our brick. I had to take apart a small architectural model I had built a while back in all white. Luckily, I used to build LEGO dollhouses in all white when I was a kid, so I had collected enough to complete the project.

It's probably about time to buy more LEGO - These boxes have a good selection of basic brick

Add a topper

These are LEGOLAND Miniland style figures that were created by Model Builders at LEGOLAND California. They can be a little tricky if you've never built anything like these before.

Oh and we were just fooling around with the groom's hair! We took the plants off for the wedding.


Printed Fabuland Signpost

My mom built this special touch and printed the sticker. So crafty!

The PERFECT spot for the LEGO cake

Our wedding was in my parent's backyard. There is a little children's playhouse with a small porch right near the patio and the pool that was just perfect for displaying the cake.

We added cascading crystals and a blue bulb in the porch light, so it would sparkle at night.


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