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Flow of Love in relationships

Updated on November 25, 2016

Magic of Love

Falling in love is a magical feeling that happens between two people. What happens when two hearts become one, two souls combine and two minds react the same way?
Usually, people will fall in love when they feel someone is attractive, wealthy and a suitable match for them. That we can call it a somewhat common convention about life and one's way of livelihood or our mind set. But if we agree that when we see someone and suddenly get stuck for a while with the thinking that we know him or her over time, then it is a strong sign that this is just because of a sweet kind of feeling and is the beginning of love between two people.

Love makes you a Better Person

The love, care, support and faith you get make you a better person than ever before. Loving hearts love to lay down in each other’s arms and listen to their heartbeats and wish that may the time stop only for you for a moment. They feel complete and feel to have found a reason to live. They thought of each other either at the time of walking, writing, working, reading, praying or sleeping and get madly in love for each other.

Love does not happen by Chance

I cannot pull words to express the feeling of a loving heart, but it can only be felt by one who has gone through these feelings. Their eyes take them to a world of love and happiness. This is not an amazing thing, however, has fallen for someone in life can truly become witness to my words.

True love never Fades

People who do not understand love and give less importance and treat it casually, their mind cannot imagine about the deep and true feelings of two hearts. They even do believe that true love can exist only between a young guy and a girl for a short time, but they will never admit that true love exists forever either in a husband and a wife or a partner or any other relation which is so pure and untouched and it never fades away. What I am going to narrate here is that if two hearts truly love one another, they are not attracted to each other by chance, which, by age or any lust for their physical needs , but in fact they are one just because of their deep love. Their true love never ends even if circumstances take them away from each other but when they are together, their real, true and strong love emerges in their hearts as if they met first time.

Express your Love in Words

When a wife says that she loves her husband very much and cannot think of living her life without him. But how your husband would believe it unless you make him feel so? Thus sometime you need to express your love in words to send a strong message to his heart that you really mean it.

Commitment in Love

It’s true that life becomes happy when you have a lovely heart with you as a wife or a life partner but to make it lasting - a strong bond of relationship can only be built when they honour to each other's wish and commitment flows from both the ends.

Giving priority to what your husband needs are important and doing those things your list of priorities would matter most to him, either laying lunch or dinner on the dining table on time or making a cup of tea for him the moment he is home or keeping his dress ready every day- every time while he goes on duty or business tour.

Besides, when they are leading happy or facing obstacles in life, they need to listen to each other leaving other things aside is important for them. Discussing things on the table or bed without Interrupting before completing sentence by any of them will be discourteous.

Love has its own Identity

In other words, love has its own identity and it can react the same way with other unknown persons as well. You will love all people, including those whom other people consider to be ugly or miserly. When you look at the people you meet first time many of them might not respond you the way you see at them but when you will look at them with your lovely feelings, ugly looks beautiful and inferior looks superior of all.

Love brings Happiness in Life

Success and happiness go hand in hand and a successful relationship can only bring happiness in life of two people with understanding and respect for each other not only by words but from the core of the heart and that is a necessity for being in the bond of heart to heart relation. A kiss from a husband and a hug from a wife is an addition to holding his hands when he comes back home, life seems to change in a second. When a husband kisses his wife while going out or when she waves her hand are really magical tools for building a bond of love more strong as without it the charm of relations does not last long. All these seem to be unbelievable and valueless in the feelings of love but it really works.

Love has a Magic in Itself

There is an old saying that love has a magic in itself as it can do wonders to anybody's life provided it is true and unconditional. A happy life is a contribution of two brave and kind hearts who believe in forgiving without ever letting a chance for argument or resentment in their world of love. Making a home for him or her in your heart in place of a home of grudges and bitterness is the true meaning of love and without any fear and pressure, we can admit that love always stays ahead of our heart, stores magic for everyone who understands its path and who is unstoppable giving his/her life for the sake of love.


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  • padmendra profile image

    PADMENDRA S R 2 years ago from DELHI/NCR

    Thanks Aditi for dropping by and sharing your views.

  • profile image

    Aditi 2 years ago

    Awww... Love is intresting


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