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In the mist of problems brewing in your relationship do you give up

Updated on December 4, 2016
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With a natural love for writing Siamese Completely allows her daughter and lupus to be her biggest motivators to make a difference.




Getting To The Point.

“What is this”?

In most relationships you have the couples who fake it, the ones that are really in love, and you have the ones that experience the love and hate. The couples who fake it usually fall off and end up calling it quits because they both know that there is nothing worth fighting for. The ones that are in love knows what it takes to keep their relationship high above water. Even if that means “hey babe I’m going out for a ride I will be back later”. The understanding and respect that they have for one another isn’t something that just happened over night. It’s because they really just love and understand one another. Their “communication”. Then you have the LOVE/HATE. What is this? That question may come to mind when you are dealing with the hate in the relationship. Where does this HATE come from? Was it something that was said? Was it the way the other person responded? Really how can HATE dwell where there is supposed to be such a beautiful creation named LOVE?

Now don’t get me wrong. I do know all relationships aren’t perfect. I know that ups and downs will exist. But HATE can really drive someone away or even cause the other person to look and treat you differently. A perfect example. You realize half the day has gone by, and you have been busy all day. You love your significant other so you decide to text them. They don’t reply. So you decide to give them a call and the way they talk to you makes you wonder what did I do? Was it me? Was it something I said? Is your HATE even really driven toward me? Are you having a bad day? When love turns to hate you tend to find yourself asking these questions. How do I know? Due to me asking others and even what I experience sometimes. It’s not a great feeling at all, but do you know what is? The Love. When you find yourselves loving one another. Those good days. It’s like how could hate even dwell here? Love isn’t easy. In fact sometimes when love isn’t present that’s when hate sneaks in and takes over. This type of relationship is unhealthy but at the same time makes you sit down and think about the good versus the bad, because with a relationship like this we tend to say things very hurtful and for some it will cut deeper than others. Which is why “communication” and “understanding” need to be exercised and understood before just jumping into a relationship. Can you handle the way he reacts to situations? Can he handle how sometimes it results to you being sensitive? You have to really be able to understand one another, and trust me if you have this type of relationship it doesn’t mean throw in the towel. What it does mean is that once the smoke clears. Sit down and talk about it. Talk about how you feel and ways we can better handle situations when hate comes in and tries to break down the empire that we are trying to build. Your LOVE should be so strong that when HATE decides to try to come in the mix of things and cause confusion. You can just step back and say “hey I think I need some fresh air. I’m going for a ride”. Every relationship is different. Everyone’s definition of love is different but we all have feelings. LOVE builds understanding, but HATE makes you question what is this? That’s when you realize you must fight for what you love. Never forget to keep God in the middle of everything you go through. God brings people together. People go through things. More than others. Don’t give up when it gets hard and allow HATE to win. Instead LOVE in the mist of that hate and fight for what you love.


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