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Live a life to inspire others

Updated on December 26, 2016

What are we alive for? Just to earn more and more money, have happy families, go to parties and discos? So, are we just chasing pleasures? Nothing wrong in that, but then do we exist just for deriving pleasures? Do we exist just to compete with others, make others happy?

Times change, the only thing that is certain in life is "change". So the fundamental thing is to change with time, time is our master. Those who get attached or fixed, become miserable. We have to be like water, flowing freely and changing with time.

So who can we change? The fact according to nature is that we can change only ourselves. Nature has not given us any right to change other human being. Will a person be happy if something is imposed on him or her? That's why majority of people dislike governments. But then again we need law and order to control people? But can only force control humans? What about love? When you act through your heart do you need any controlling? Aren't you listening to the divine voice of your heart which is your intution? Was it ever wrong? Then why do we insist on letting our minds rule us than our hearts? Why don't we feel from the heart rather than think from the mind? The root problem is in our education, which insists that we think rather than feel.

We were born with our five senses. A new born kid percieves the world only through the senses. The mind never interferes with the working of the senses as it is too weak. As we grow up, we are sent to school to learn. We develop the art of thinking. We let thinking rule us, slowly. The more intelligent we become through our thinking, the more stressful we become. Weren't we more happy as kids than as adults? We were more happy 5 years back than today. What does this indicate? It indicates that thinking is misery. Life is meant to be lived, not thought about. Thinking is dieing. We are merely just existing, chasing pleasures.

The fact is mind is nothing but ego, jealosy, hatred, likes-dislikes, lust, gluttony, greedy, comparing, judgemental, insecure. And we let this mind rule us for the whole life. The true living is that mind should be in your control rather than you being in control of the mind. Very few people, about 2%, are people who are truly living, rest of us are merely existing.

Will a happy person cause trouble to others? It's only the unhappy person who causes trouble. And as said earlier, those who are forced upon or controlled never become happy. The only way to make others happy is to be happy yourself. The vibrations which a happy person sends makes people around him happy. So the change I am talking about is to become happy yourself.

We feel others would make us happy. We fail to differentiate between pleasures and happiness. As we are ruled by minds naturally we are more inclined towards pleasures from mind rather than happiness from heart. A happy person doesn't need anything to be happy. A glass of water for him is ecstacy, breathing is ecstacy, just to see is ecstacy. He would feel connected to nature and so with other humans and animals. He would love you from heart, pure unconditional love. As he would love himself. If majority of people get there hearts flowered then imagine how would human beings on earth would be? No conflicts, no misery, no sadness. Only joy, love and oneness. Heaven is on earth, we have made it into hell. So we just need awakening. Through awakening comes wisdom, through awakening comes joy, through awakening comes unconditional love!


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    • In The Doghouse profile image

      In The Doghouse 10 years ago from California

      I think the only way to be truly happy is to be "of one heart and of one mind." This is a reconciling of your body and your spirit. This control of self is a lesson learned over a lifetime of experiences. We need to think with both in harmony. Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Bonnie Ramsey profile image

      Bonnie Ramsey 10 years ago from United States

      I agree that we have, ourselves made life hell. However, not to think is impossible. Our brain is always working, otherwise, we would physically die. The problem is not that we think. It is WHAT we think. The mind holds the key to happiness in that what we think controls our emotions. Happiness isn't something that just happens because we don't think. Happiness is a choice that we make through our thoughts.

      Most of the people who are miserable and unhappy are that way because they choose to focus their mind on all of the negative things in life rather than the positive. You can't just NOT think. But you can control WHAT you think about. You can choose to be miserable and make those around you miserable or you can choose to be happy. If you have an attitude of gratitude for all that you have and all that will come, happiness will follow. People just need to focus their thoughts on the positive and realize that they are responsible for their own happiness, not the people or circumstances around them. We are only as happy as we allow our thoughts to be. To say that we have to NOT think at all is totally impossible to achieve.

      Bonnie Ramsey