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The end of the world and lingerie shopping for men

Updated on August 11, 2010

So you want to go lingerie shopping but you’re afraid.

So you want to go lingerie shopping but you’re afraid. You wish you were brave enough to walk right into a Victoria’s Secret or lingerie boutique and buy all kinds of pretty things to play with right? Every time you go to the mall your eyes are drawn to the women’s department, and you find yourself fighting the urge, the obsession, to just go there and browse with confidence.

 I have a friend who once told me he used to imagine some kind of nuclear disaster, where he was the only one left in the world, just so he could go shopping! Not that’s fear.

As you get older you have to learn to fight your fears and do what you really want to do.

All men are uncomfortable shopping for lingerie, especially in a store full of women.  And most of them don’t even plan on wearing it when they get home.

Its really just a simple matter of attitude. With the right attitude you can do anything you want in this world with total confidence.

First of all, the salesgirls don’t have to know these things are for you. Their job is to be friendly and helpful, and find the right pieces for each person. Just what you want.

You have to start with a plan. As much as you may want to dance around saying: “PUT ME IN PANTIES” that probably isn’t the perfect approach.

First things first. The story. You are shopping for a friend and you’re really not sure exactly what to buy her. You’ll just have to look at everything very carefully, discussing the size, fabrics, styles and prices.

Sound good? But can you pull it off without breaking into a sweat, stuttering, and possibly running out of the store?

Yes you can and I’m going to tell you how. It takes a bit of acting. Have you ever heard the phrase: Fake it till you make it? I really hate that but it can actually work.

The reality is that you are going shopping for clothes, that’s it! Its not a crime, you’re not going to steal anything, you just want to go into a store and buy things with your own hard earned money.

So keep that in your mind right from the beginning. The fact that this is a dream for you that usually ends up all wet and sticky is totally besides the point.

You are just-buying-clothes.

Now, back to the story. Why do you need a story? Well, why are you so scared to walk right in and buy panties and bras in your size? Nuff said.

So here are the basics. Of course you will tailor the details to fit and use whatever you are comfortable with.

1-Give your friend a name. Even if they don’t ask its better to be fully prepared, this will help increase your confidence. Have a last name ready as well, just in case. I know this is starting to sound like a spy mission but better safe than sorry. Once you work up the nerve to finally do this you don’t want to panic and run out. The story is your friend. It will help you just as I would if I was there with you.

2-Picture in your mind your friends appearance. You don’t have to know her weight in kilos but have an idea so they can help you find things that fit. And just by coincidence your friend is very, very close to your own height, weight, and body type! Isn’t that amazing?

3-This is a biggie. You don’t know much about lingerie and really need their help. You are there to buy your friend a few presents as a way of apologizing for your impatience on your last shopping trip. She is mad at you for not understanding her needs.

PERFECT! Now you have the salesgirls on your side, and they think your are an incredibly compassionate, generous, person, and you are even if you’re telling a little pink lie.

The rest is up to you. Take your time, and don’t be afraid to touch things (although the girls will think that’s adorable). If your excitement is growing visibly to to point where its noticeable, have a jacket or bag ready to put in front of you.

Whats the worst that could happen, its not like they’re gonna make you put on a show!

More tips: Lingerie Shopping Tips (for your friend))


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    • profile image

      femguy 7 years ago

      Shopping for womens clothes is my favorite thing in the world to do. My first time I asked a young salesgirl for help, when she asked me what size my wife wore I told her it was for me. Thats when I discovered the absolute joy of shopping for womens clothes. She was so sweet and helpful, she had me try things on and seemed to enjoy my excitment as much as I did. Wherever she is I want her to know she made me the happiest woman in the world.


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