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Breaking the Status Quo: Live While You’re Single

Updated on November 7, 2014

At this time, more people are starting to get settled even at a very young age.

These people feel like they have already found the “one”, and the future seems to be complete only if that person is in the picture.

Most of the time, these couples end up getting divorced or separated can you imagine the extent to which this will affect their whole life. Although, we should not hastily generalize that all young couples end up like this because there are still those who can prove us wrong, we should not be blind to the reality of this.

In light of changing times, one cannot deny the fact that there is a part within us that seeks the comfort of another person. Especially with the type of environment that people are surrounded with, anyone is not an exception to this dreadful feeling.

There are also those who feel pressure from their peers. Some feel like it is already a need to be with someone just in order to feel like a sense of belonging and conformity when this should not be the case. Single people, without any pressure from peers, should know in themselves when the right time is to be with another person.

There are other things to worry about and sometimes being with someone, in the long run, will make you realize all the things they missed out on. This sends a clear message to us to do things not because others tell us to do so but just because that is what we want to do.

Being single is probably the best time to experience everything the world has to offer. One can accomplish so many things without having to worry about another person.

That degree of freedom is something to be celebrated and not feared. Being single enables one to save more money and decide for oneself where all of this could be spent on.

The extra money can be used buy the pair of shoes that’s on sale or that colorful top at some clothing store. If the money saved compounds it can be used to travel. Traveling can do so much to a person.

Having money at one’s disposal while being single is one killer combination. Traveling allows one experience the world without having to worry about the other person’s preferences during the trip.

The beauty of traveling alone nowadays is that safety has been a priority of countries. With this in mind, there is really no other excuse not to travel just because one is alone. The world has so much to offer and it seeks out the people who are ready to grab the opportunity.



Probably the most important lesson from being single is how one can be assured without the need for validation from others. Some fall into the trap of needing someone to feel complete. People should work on themselves and find completeness without needing it from a partner.

The saying “No one can love you if you do not love yourself”, as cliché as it may sound, is actually very true.

Being single and actually making the most out of it allows people to embrace their whole self without having to earn assurance from another person.

Being single allows for a better awareness of one’s self, which is crucial before entering a relationship. A person needs to be able to completely accept his or her flaws and strengths in order to be a better person in a relationship.

If issues are unsettled within one’s self it will only bring cracks to a relationship. Just imagine the energy that will go to waste because it feels like things have been unsettled which would be unfair it would be for the other person.

Just remember that being single is not something to be afraid of, embrace it and learn to live a full life while being single.

This frame of mind is what sets apart a possibly complete and loving relationship from one that is broken and dysfunctional.

There are so many things to do that do not require one to be in a relationship, so instead of wanting to be with somebody, pursue the things that will make allow one to grow, develop, and love fully

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