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living relationships

Updated on July 4, 2016

the Supreme Court 'live-in relationship' again after comments made in support of 'family' is a debate on the existence of the social institution. Indiscriminate foreign culture are following the comments by our young generation have found another excuse. Conservative country like India where a large part of the population, usually of Lord Rama 'a wife principle considers the norm, Ram Navami, the Supreme Court's remarks came on the eve of his neck is not getting off.

The question is if we in the name of modernity into practice the relationships garlanded ages who are saved will happen to Indian culture and values? When it comes to the point of shocking response came from different strata of society.

No Clinton-Monica from the Radha Krishna

70-year-old live-in relationship completely nonsense businessman Chandra Mundra stating that it will scatter in our society. Our culture has no such ties. Clinton-Monica at the Radha-Krishna can not be at any cost.

There are already such relations-

Adult women of the middle class, on condition of anonymity, said that such a relationship in our society is gradually coming to the fore. This is not new. For centuries we have been here maintain such relations. Although they can not be justified from any perspective.

what is wrong-

PhD hammered say good night to the youth of the Supreme Court's comment. First-hidden maintain such relationships were buried. Today need to think with an open mind. Court to support the live-in relationship is no question of getting up organically. What's wrong.

Their ethics

Upper middle class 40-year-old man on condition of anonymity, says that such ties should get social recognition. Due to legal entanglements are not exposed to this relationship. As far as ethics is concerned, it's a personal matter. Not necessarily equal for all, morally.

Is opposed to face

Mumbai city is living with a partner, Identity says that such relations is difficult to maintain for a long time, but you also have to face social opposition. Circumstances are changing slowly. A girl should be alone in metropolitan cities is not easy, requiring only that a male partner. Just the fact that both partners need to understand each other and to keep himself under control.

Women are considered emotions-

New Delhi city living in the Pacific show that this kind of relationship is common in metropolitan cities. Expensive rental flats and youth prefer it because of other problems. Sharing is better than living with a male is to be with a woman. Women are far more reliable than men, tend to understand the feelings.


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