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Love Is Life - A Story

Updated on February 23, 2020
Atith Adhikari profile image

The topic is interesting, huh? Let’s find out why love is regarded as life?

Long time ago, in the eastern part of Nepal, Illam, there was a small society. Several people lived there and the children used to go to the school. Among them, the two families were amazing. Sounds awesome. They were not related by blood but by heart. They had two children. One was Ali and the next were Rita.

They knew each other for 2 years since Rita had moved to Illam from her home for Ali. They were not just friends but best friends. This was their bond of friendship. They cared for each other.

They were so close to each other that they used to play, read, enjoy and sit with each other during daytime. They had great and strong friendship.

Once, it was school time, Rita got punishment from teacher and Ali stood up and said, “Teacher! Beating a child is against child right.” The teacher in anger ordered Ali to go to the principal’s office.

Afterwards, Ali was proved right by the Principal but was also punished for being rude to the teacher. Rita asked, “Why did you do so?” Ali replied, “How could I see you in trouble, moreover we are best friends and I can’t see you sad.”

Rita, “So, sweet of you, Ali!” Ali said, “No, it is friendship.”

They were behaving like they were made for each other and once do you know what happened? Rita was with her mom. Ali went there and said, “Hi! Rita! How are you?”

Rita said nothing and they passed Ali. He was so sad at that moment. He couldn’t even think what had happened to her.

He went to Rita, the next day and said, “Hello!” He was desperate that she would reply to him. Few moments later, Rita moved away from that place and did not even looked at Ali from that moment.

Then, the love between them changed into anger. The best friends turned into the worst enemies. There was cold war going in between of them.

But Ali wanted and thought of Rita every moment. One day, he was sitting in the yard, he tried to sing and he made a song.

He sat down on the table and started to write a letter.

Dear Rita,

My love. I’ve been waiting for you. I was sitting in the yard and I made a short song for you.

Let us sit and talk

You can just make me walk

I am lonely now

A cat came

Said Meow Meow

I hope you reply

And not decline

Rita! Rita! Rita!

I hope you will reply me soon.

You friend,


He wrote this letter with love. He waited for the reply. He went to school and sat staring at Rita. His concentration was lost from study. Slowly, he decreased his marks and failed the exam once. Everyone, even Rita laughed at him.

This made Ali even more depressed. He thought of a plan. He would go home and tell everything to his parents because only elders can help you get out of problems. He did as he thought.

His parents immediately went to Rita’s and started discussion. At first moment, Rita didn’t say anything.

When they asked repeatedly, she said, “He insulted me. Ali is jealous of me.” Before Rita could say anymore, Ali said, “What? What are you talking?”

Rita said, “I am saying whatever I heard.” Then, the parents knew the matter that someone was there who created that misunderstanding.

Thereafter, they said, “Stop arguing. No one of you is guilty. You have been in a misunderstanding. Just be friends from now.”

As their order, Rita and Ali became friends and the matter was solved.

Ali asked Rita, “What about the letter I gave to you?” Rita said, “Which letter and when?”

Ali replied, “The one that I gave to you through your friend.” Rita said, “Who was that?” Ali, “I think. Oh! I understand the whole matter.”

They gossiped with each other further and they knew the one who created the misunderstanding. They came up with a plan to make the guilt of that friend visible.

They acted as they didn’t talk with each other and used to insult each other with that guilty friend. That friend would be very happy when she was listening.”

One day, the friend said, “Rita, slap Ali. He is very mean to you.”

The following day, that friend said, “Ali, leave Rita. She is very mean to you.”

When they heard it, both of them came and said, “Sita, we didn’t think that you could do such thing.”

Sita said, “What? You talk to each other.” They replied, “Yeah, we do!”

Ali said, “Why did you do so?” She said, “I love you!”

They were shocked of the answer. They left her.

Then, Ali and Rita sat under a tree and started talking. Ali-“Rita, May I tell you something.” Rita-“Yes, sure.” Ali-“I think we love each other.” Rita-“I was also thinking the same.”

They went further and further more. Slowly and gradually, with full confidence, they told their family about their relationship.

The families were not shocked at all because they already knew that they loved each other.

They both married each other and lived a very very happy life.

Moral : Never Cheat Anyone!

© 2020 Atith Adhikari


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