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Love Isn't Selfish: What Love IS

Updated on January 20, 2013

What Is Love?

According to Google, there are approximately 185,000,000 global monthly searches for the phrase, "what is love." We're surrounded by broken hearts and empty homes, created by the failings of human love. Everyone wants to feel loved, but when human nature is involved, love is distorted and the results can be painful.

Love Isn't Selfish

What Love IS

There is much to learn from the shortcomings of love on earth. Each relationship we form can teach us some truth about love, and because scripture tells us that God is Love, each relationship we form can teach us some truth about who God is. When what seems to be love causes pain, we can learn about what love isn't. Hearts are not broken when the love that is shared is modeled after God's example.

It's easy to focus on the times we've been wronged, the hurts we've suffered, and the disappointments we've experienced. It's easy to dwell on our right to feel angry when things haven't gone our way. It's easy, because it's our self-centered human nature. We come by it honestly because we are individuals with a combination of self-preserving instinct and free will. We have a desire to control our surroundings because it feels safer. When that security is threatened, our instinct is to throw our defensive walls into place in an attempt to block out further attacks on our vulnerable hearts. Unfortunately, this leave no room for love.

Love requires being willing to let go of our right to feel hurt. It requires being willing to be vulnerable and choosing to trust another being with our emotions and security. It's no easy task. In terms of human relationships, it means we very well may be let down once again. Thankfully, this is not true when it comes to loving God. God's love is perfect. God is not selfish. We can always trust that He wants what is best for us, even when we don't understand. No walls of defense are ever needed in a relationship with God.

You can learn, from various types of human relationships, what love is and who God is. You can learn how to demonstrate a more godly love for your spouse, family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers; and how to set boundaries while continuing to demonstrate God's love. It's easy to focus on what everyone else does wrong, but to truly understand love as God intended, the beginning is to learn how to do our part to love others. After all, Love isn't selfish.

Are you tired of your personal relationships leaving you feeling discouraged, hurt, and disappointed? Learn more about love and relationships as God intended by reading Love Isn't Selfish by Keri Kitchen.

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