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Romantic, Gift Idea For A Man

Updated on November 2, 2015

Romantic Gift Idea For A Man

Romantic Gift Idea For A Man

A great gift idea for a man whether it be for Valentines day, birthday, an anniversary or just a spontaneous act of love. A love poem for a man can be one of the most wonderful gifts you can give, that can be appreciated and looked fondly back on for a lifetime. It can be particularly cherished because many men don't expect to receive such a gift and when they do it can have an impact of elevation and sincere appreciation like no other.

A love poem gift idea for him should be a heartfelt gift from the soul and if you've gone to all that effort of opening your heart and emotions to create a lovingly crafted poem it's important you get the presentation just right. Here are two wonderful ideas for your poem that will really give it the wow factor and enable your love poem for him gift to be lovingly held dear and reflected on fondly for a life time.

Gift Idea For A Man

Presenting a love poem for him in a picture frame is a very nice idea and it's relatively easy to produce one that looks professional, with editing software. Adding a photo is a lovely touch remember men are visual creatures! A word of caution here though the picture you chose should be one your partner loves rather than one you like. This is relatively easy to accomplish, sit down with your partner and go through your photo albums get his input and find out which photos he likes. You can either choose one of you together or if your partner is not keen on having his photo took, then one of you at your glammed up best may be the way to go. Another nice touch is if you are good at Calligraphy or know someone that is, you may want to have your love poem for him gift idea hand written.

Love Poem For Him-Message in a Bottle Gift Idea

The love poem for him in a bottle has to be my personal favourite gift idea for him. There is something magical and mystical about a message in a bottle. This idea is so simple to produce all you need is an empty clear bottle, for ease of use reasons it is better to try to get one with a wider neck so you can get your message in and out easily. The last thing you want is to have to break the bottle to get your message out. If you use a normal clear wine bottle you should trial with a blank scroll first before you put your valuable poem in. Use ribbon that is thin and light weight so it wont get stuck on the inside of the bottle. Alternatively you could seal your love poem for men scroll with wax this can look amazing and is a great classical touch. A simple guide for easily retrieving your love poem for men is if it falls easily into the bottle then it should come out the same. If you also want to integrate the key to your heart idea like in the picture you'll more than likely need a wider necked bottle or alternatively a clear decanter can work very well they are widely available and they nearly always have wider necks that a bottle and you can replace any stopper with a cork.

I hope you have found my love poem for him gift ideas useful. I have also listed some further links and commercially available products bellow to help you out producing your gift especially if you don't have the time to create your own.

What Do You Think About The Love Poem For Him Gift Idea?

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    • profile image

      nada 5 years ago

      lol, i luved it:)

      Likk i luv this guy

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      The message in the bottle was wonderful!

    • wadestar profile image

      wadestar 6 years ago from uk-lincolnshire

      Yes it's a great idea isn't it I'd be over the moon if someone did it for me! I live in hope lol

    • Stina Caxe profile image

      Cristina 6 years ago from Virginia

      This is great, I love the message in a bottle idea! How sweet!