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Poems of Love

Updated on February 2, 2015

The following are two poems which you might use not only during Valentine but other days to express your love to the person you have fallen in love with. If you enjoy them and find you might use any feel free.

I hope you will enjoy reading them.


Similar to the posture of a baby in the womb

Alone in the room

Darkness enveloping me at night

I always think about you

Longing for you

Praying the dawn will come

When I’ll no longer face

The wall on one side and

The door on the other side

As you’ll be the only one

I’ll be setting my eyes on

Every night and at the rising of the sun

In my arms forever mine

Relishing each n’ every moment

I spend with you, my love



As the dazzling stars brighten the night

Each twinkling at its own right

With a pride of beauty and magnificence

As nature created it and meant it to be

So are you to me dearest.

Each n’ every moment you brighten my day

Even in my lowest moment whenever I think of you

My heart always finds a reason to hope

To push on no matter what may.

red means 'i love you'
red means 'i love you' | Source


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