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love to hate

Updated on March 13, 2011

I hate love stories

I hate the way it makes me feel

I hate the way it brings back memories

I hate the way it makes me realize how miserable I am

I hate the way it reminds me of how happy I have been

And how happier I can be

I hate the way it shows me the emptiness inside

I hate the way it makes me long for someone to be there

I hate the way it reflects my mistakes

I hate the way it emphasizes the pain inside

On how hard it is to lose someone

Realizing it's too late, I cannot undo the things I’ve done

And making me feel the absence of miracles, of not being able to change the past

It brings down the wall i created to protect myself from being hurt

It personified the real image of this art

And I cannot runaway from that fact

And the truth is, what I really hate is me for pushing that someone away

And no matter what I do and no matter what I say

I cannot bring that someone back again


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