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A Love Letter on Love at First Sight: Love Notes and Romance for Human Compassion 9

Updated on May 13, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

Valentino is always working and joining the evening parties with friends in the corporate world. For five years, he has been very productive to troubleshoot the financial problems of the company to come up with viable solutions as to produce more efficient and effective way to balance the corporate budget and expenses including technical programming in the marketing promotion of the other divisions and departments of the company. During his day off period with his corporate friends, he constantly help them to give love counseling in rational manner as they thought that he was then the guardian of love that is heavenly sent by his wisdom to explain the phenomenology of love. Now it is more than that… when he wrote a love letter on LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT to his dear friend JAMES, a senior corporate web programmer/ designer ( a nerd of information technology as the main engine of innovative corporate growth by his design) relates this interesting love story with Sarah…

James requested him to write a love letter to someone he saw in the façade of the transparent glass at the first floor of the corporate building that has a complete description by the feminine beauty of Sarah that to dedicate this LOVE LETTER ON LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. The only personal problem of James is never been experienced to write love letter to express the true meaning of true love to Sarah.He had a chance to look at her usually when they entered in the corporate building.The problem is how to approach the career woman he saw at the façade of the corporate building.This is the reason that he requested Valentino to write a love letter about his LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. He was able to get the e-mail address to his friend from the financial division office where Sarah is assigned to work in the company.So Valentino wrote a letter about THE LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT as if it was Athena that may reflect the emotional thought about this love letter.

Dear Sarah,

Let me introduce myself to you. I am a man of great devotion of my professional career as corporate web-designer in international marketing promotion program I had done impressive records of my field of expertise as I only play with the music of the game of the corporate world. Before , I knew nothing about the meaning of love as I never trained to conceive by the debacle of my compassionate soul to the world of impressions of professional recognitions behind the myth and legend of my mental prowess.

Last week,I was in the midst of professional discussion to my friend when I was deeply in touched from when I saw at the transparent glass looking at your beauty that I never had any emotional experience like this before. You were walking in the isle of the façade in the 1st floor of the modern architectural design in the corporate building. You were looking at the glass checking the beauty of your face as if you were something to put the emptiness of your soul filled with inner impressions of beauty and wisdom.

You first touched your lips with an adoring expression of your feminine look .The way you look at your face on your eyes and lips are so compassionate with the perfect beauty and innocence. I never thought that I was so attracted by your feminine look beyond the transparent glass binding my heart so much n your beauty. The corporate world has been the modeled of the feminine look of all career women as the gender charisma take so much advantage on recognition and appreciation of the clients. However, I see the difference the way I look at you as I had deeply in touch of so many career women with intelligence, charisma and beauty. As I am a looking a future partner of my life that may ensure the next generation of the fruits of love that someone like you that I always admired your beauty and character even it is the first time I met you in this corporate building.

You are really my love at first sight… I never believe by this love at first sight as it would be impossible to experience the different feelings from the usual palpitation of emotions transcribe by beauty of a woman. Now I experience the meaning as you walk through the inner world of corporate world on the simplicity of your manner of acting beyond the true beauty of your soul.

Love at first sight is a strange feeling that the wonders of human soul magnify the true essence of the gender beauty that love has been created by the smell and essence of beauty of our existence. We are created to exist by the god-given beauty to share in touch by the melody of closeness at my deeply imbedded sight of excitement.

The goodness of the love at first sight is the innocence of your action walking through the transparent façade of mirrors not knowing that someone out there has been deeply in love by the way you are. I am glad that I feel this way from the world where emotion never exist as genuine love except the beauty to delight the customers and clients with the end goal to be professionally promoted and someday gain the prestige and honor of the corporate world. Now I am happy to feel different emotion as love instill the different dimensions of my soul.

Do you know that I was smiling and looking at you as you enter the elevator. I immediately followed you as I never had the chance to say hello and invite for a dinner with me.

You ever loving admirer


JAMES transmitted this love letter through the e-mail address of Sarah with attached 3 dimensional flowers. Sarah accepted the invitation of James for a dinner after 2 weeks of exciting love affair they finally settle to be engaged. After two months, they got married as James was so happy to share the moments with his office mates with the single love letter about the love at first sight written by Valentino. This became the legend of love letter that Valentino became so popular in the corporate world expressing the emotional and compassionate love of this office mates. He became the love affair’s adviser and counselor in the corporate world.

They never knew that the love letter he composed was within the image of Athena that created the masterpiece from those colleagues needed so much help about their untold love story that most of us will later on learn the reflection of our life by this love letter.

However, when somebody ask him about the legend of the LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT he gave his own view that may contradict the genuine nature of love. Valentino did not believe that love of first sight has been a magic spell. It is more on the comprehension of the aesthetic beauty of the human being consider by the never seen physical attraction . The success of the love story of James and Sarah is more about the life interest and their genuine love. They are now at the age wherein they wanted to have partner in life. They have physical attraction as the recency effects of the love affairs. James was a gentle, humble, honest, and loving man ready to accept for Sarah as the future wife. Sarah is a perfect partner as she has been loving and caring woman who readily accepted James to be her future husband. It was not the LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT that may put us together in this world. It is how we manage our love affairs. As a genuine couple live more about accepting one another once time will come ready to commit for certain sacrifice to live in happy unending life.

Valentino has many friends in the corporate world , they look up him as the savior of LOVE AFFAIRS secretly advising most of the senior managers about pursuing a genuine love. They never intrigue him about his love affair as they wanted to know more about the perfume of love for the successful marriage and family life. What is interesting about this love letter is the matured career women secretly calling Valentino to learn the other side MEN about how to manage the their love affairs with their LOVE ONES.


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