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Loved marriage is better than arranged marriage. Do you agree?

Updated on June 24, 2011

All Countries have different culture but love always have in person’s heart and animal’s heart. The same that we never think that it is a poorer or the rich or anywhere or anytime. We must be know that anywhere that have man and woman always have loving because it is nature for all person and all animal...etc. But if we think about wedding we know that someone loved to each other before they are marriage. Also if we take two idea “Loved marriage is better than arranged marriage.” to think we will know that loved marriage is better than arranged marriage.

The adults have dream for their life and always with want to person that they loved will married with each other because of they have a lot of time for study about heart to each other, know about personality, have plan for future with each other such as they try to study until finish and they well have able to find job to life then they will save money for spending to their wedding. They not need their parents’ money and not to make their parents worry or unhappy for spending to their wedding. Also we can know about situation at their family. Does their family agree for their love? If their family not agree to any part they can to do something in their family OK. Finally loved marriage is very good for all person and they have prosperity for their family every time.

But if they are married with each other by their parents arranged marriage. They will have the problems such as they can’t live with each other because of they don’t loved with each other, don’t know about personality to each other sometime, or husband like drink, work, play card...etc. but wife doesn’t like drink, work, play card  and make she annoy then her husband come home. She always blame to her husband to make they have violence or fight in family sometime and it cause to divorce...

Conclusion, according of over explain we know that loved marriage is better for all person in the countries and they have prosperity for they life everyday.


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    • profile image

      Khe 5 years ago

      I agree and I usually support with loved marriage. However, we usually see that some parents still introduce their children to marry person who they don't love. The children really want to have choice and marry with the person they love. So I want to ask you. What should we do or how to solve this problem?

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 6 years ago

      I certainly agree that arranged marriages are not really a great idea. Marriage is hard enough, even when the couple is in love. A marriage between virtual strangers is awful.