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What does it feel like when you are in love ?

Updated on March 14, 2017

How does it feel when you love someone?

Love , the feeling itself is nice. When we care for someone , like to spend most of our time with , wish to hear their voice, and desire to get them permanently in life , we are in love. Love is an unimaginable feeling that you get when you are in it. You do silly things in love. You keep on thinking of the person that you have liked . You can't forget the person. The person comes in front of your eyes and remains in your mind all the time. You check the person often on Facebook and Whatsapp. You wouldn't care if the person writes to you or not, but you would still see if the person is online . Even with just being online, you feel relaxed like he or she is there. Love is an energy. Love doesn't need the person to be face to face. Love is a feeling. You just feel loved when you see the picture of the person you like. You just wish if you were with the person right now. You just desire to hug and kiss the person. It is not about intimacy too. You do not often think of having intimacy with the person you like, though you often thinking of adoring and hugging the person you love. Intimacy is also love but it is more like the way of denoting your love.

What are simple signs of love?

The simple signs that you are in love are as follows:-

1. You like the person for whatever they do.

2. You keep an eye on them and their social media pages.

3. You wish a person to apply effort towards you to speak.

4. You can't keep your eye away from the pictures of the person you like.

5. You feel like to talk a lot with the person. If you are in love you don't feel like to end a conversation.

6. Eating disorders come too. We forget eating properly and keep on making our mind busy with the thoughts of the person we like.

7. A tingly feeling comes when you see the person online. A feeling like he or she will write does come.

8. You begin to listen to old and romantic songs till mid night when you are in love.

9. You try to be around the person you like whenever it is possible.

10. You feel like the person maybe the one for you .

Do you feel like you are in love?

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What to do when you feel you are in love?

If you feel like the person is real and trustworthy , then you should try to make them feel or known about your love. Love can't happen from one side. Only crush happens from one side. You would need to sign them that you like them. You would have to start with a hi on social media to often meeting them in person. The more you come close, the better your relationship becomes. If you like the person, try to smile and laugh with them with funny words. Make talks funny and interesting. Act like you are comfortable with the person. Make them feel special like wish them on every festival and let them know you care for the person. Invite the person for a cup of coffee . Don't just keep words inside. Explore and explode in an interesting way. People love the one that speak up and are frank. That means when you share , automatically care comes in. You would need to have a talk about dislikes and likes of each other. See if the liked person has someone in their life. If there is no one, pursue for it.


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