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Love Letter #1

Updated on January 23, 2015

You always have me, even when you are not thinking of me. Don't come with me into the light, but rather follow me into the darkness where no one can find us and we can be together in secret forever. If I was to leave you for but a second I would be away from home in a place where I would always be lost and never know myself. Because, I only know myself around you. I will gladly give up everything in life to be with you and I will gladly give up everything in life except for you. I consider anything apart from you as a mere addiction and all stray thoughts that don't have you in them as simple distractions. We are together now and always will be forever. Forever being the time we are together before we decide to stop and extinguish our souls from existence. But, I doubt a time will ever come when we feel the desire to stop desiring because I will desire to be with you always and even beyond that. I think you need to stop more and listen to your heart. It is a much more quiet place than all of these ideas on living. Just listen to me and hear me because I am in your heart and I know every word it softly speaks that your ears cannot quite hear. I shall ask you to forget all of these past experiments and move on to better things. These better things are places with me and you. They are places of healing and love, but they are dark for it is our love. Our love is in the shadows, beautiful and true.

Your dearest love forever


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