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Love over sea

Updated on June 18, 2016

Listen to your heart

Falling in love with someone who is thousands and thousands kilometers away is hard, but let's be realistic for a second everything in life is hard, all you need to do is gather yourself up and start thinking of the future.
To keep your long distance relationship you need to make a lot of sacrifices.
If you're not ready to commit to someone and spend more time online than in real life long distance relationship isn't for you.
Many people think that the long distance relationships are never going to work. Your family doesn't approve your loved one ? You can find yourself in difficult situations believe me, been that done that.
But that doesn't have to discourage you, at the end of the day you are the one who's making all of the decisions.
Look at the bright side, the distance make the smallest things the sweetest like being able to hold his hand, to look him in the eyes and stare at his smile for hours, going for a walk..
These small things make your heart smiling. Long distance relationship can be tough for some people , at the end of the day just remind yourself why are you doing all of this, why are you happy with this person ? This is what it matters, you need to be true to yourself there is no article or some blogger like i am to tell you if you should you stay with your loved one or not,
just listen to your heart

As the days are passing by, a huge hole is making inside my heart, all i want is to hear your voice, to hear those two sentences that means world to me " Hey Baby".
Missing you means that every part of my body misses you.
It's been a while since i last saw those eyes which were shining bright like a diamond, and since then i live my life like a gambler, trying to survive the days, the hours, the minutes, even seconds.
You are my first and only love, my past my present and my future.
My heart is breaking into pieces when i think back of the time when we walked down that park where i could easy say that i was truly happy.
The days will pass and i will see you again i know that, all i want for you to know is that i love you my dear "T" i truly do love you, and i hate this distance between us, but remember this two words which i said to you before saying goodbye;

- Always and forever.


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