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How to catch a liar!

Updated on November 18, 2011

Can I trust them?

Have you ever looked at someone and thought to yourself, " Are they really telling me the truth?". People lie for so many reasons. They may be to coward to tell the truth or they may just enjoy stringing you along. Some of the sweetest candies are sour on the inside. Same with people. You may think "My man will never cheat on me." But HOW do you know? Do you really truly know that your best friend is the thief that's been stealing from you? Do you really know what that girl of yours actually thinks of your "size"? As people we just go on what we are told and that is called following your feelings. "If he makes me feel like he is being faithful, then he's being faithful." WRONG! I am going to share with you some of my secret tips on how to catch a liar. You might be very surprised.


It's best to catch a liar when they least expect it. The better you can do this, the better the signs of a liar will surface. Start up a typical conversation. Watch their eye movements, body language and listen to the tone of their voice. Now get ready to bust them hard! Suddenly out of nowhere you ask them what you want to know. Even a truthful person will seemed a little stunned so do not let their first expression convince you just yet. This is just the icebreaker.


If a person is lying , their eye movement will not be all over the place like most people think. They will be staring you dead in your eyes frozen like a deer in headlights. They will slightly shift their eyes to one side when answering your questions. Then once they know your not "buying into their lie" is when they will slowly look out of your eyes and anywhere but your eyes. A truthful person will be looking all over the place but ultimately look you straight in your eyes. When a person is lying their pupils will dilate and appear larger. So if your baby-blue eyed hubby starts to appear to have dark eyes, it's because he is a dark liar.


Speech will tell you so much. The tone in their voice becomes lower than normal, or higher than normal if a person is lying. They may bust out a laugh before answering you. They will use things like "uhhhh", "Well", "Ummmm" right before they lie because they are processing their lie. The more nervous you can make a liar, the more of these you will hear. They will try to talk over you or get mad. (Pay attention to their eye movement when this happens) By now they should be looking away from you. This is a tactic that liars love to use to try and make the other person feel sorry for them so the questions will stop.


Facial expressions will be probably the hardest to pinpoint. If they begin biting their lip and they don't normally do so, there's your clue. When a person is lying they usually try and keep them self as calm as possible. When doing this it makes it harder for them to concentrate on anything else. They recognize this and immediately stop and when they do it shows all over their face. Worry wrinkles between the brows, a flushed color in their cheeks, eyes tearing up, running their tongue around the front of their teeth, increasing eyebrow movement. These are all signs of a liar.


Look at the hands! Are they doing most of the talking? If so, LIAR CAUGHT! Does your subject seem to be rubbing his/her forehead or fidgeting with his/her hair? Twirling of the hair is a proof in itself this person is a liar. This hand technique is used to keep the body occupied so they can focus on the lie their keeping or telling. If the person is standing they will move their feet a lot. Shifting weight from one to the next rapidly. Assuming they are telling the truth, which by now should be clear to you, the feet will stay put for the most part and only move slightly. Toe tapping is also a fixation to get the body occupied so the lies can flow.


When a truthful person gets angry for even being asked if they have lied or are lying, this makes them even worse than a liar and you should avoid this type of person. Most people who fly off the handle but are in fact being honest will make it much more difficult for you to distinguish them because one of the rare tactics of a liar is anger. Sometimes a liar will go into a rage or fit and storm off to avoid the confrontation. As with an honest person. This mainly happens when a person is in fact a liar though. Usually an honest person will be more hurt than angry, but if they truly matter in your life they will understand and hold no hard feelings.


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