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Make a Memorable Valentines Date with These Four Useful Tips

Updated on July 16, 2012
Photo Courtesy of Maybel Torres
Photo Courtesy of Maybel Torres | Source

Love is in the air and it is everywhere.

Roses and other flowers’ prices are reaching the far heavens while boxes of the good old chocolates are going scant in grocery stores. On the other hand, business establishments are going gaga on painting the town red not just by giving away discounts on hotel accommodations, restaurant reservations and deals on things related to this red-letter rendezvous.

Obviously, Valentines is here. For sure, most of the couples would like to make this day extra special. Who wouldn’t? However, if you feel like you have given your special someone a bouquet of roses along with a box of chocolate over and over, why don’t you go against the flow? Now, these two aforementioned gifts are bordering to mediocrity. Everyone seems to be giving these things to the people they love. If you want to get rid of these two very common Valentine gift, you can always do so. After all, you only want the best for your honey, right? So, I suggest that you give your V-day a major overhaul. Here are some tips that you might want to consider.

Set up a date…in your place

During V-day, expect that there will be an overflow of hotel and restaurant reservation even before the celebration itself. And it wouldn’t be wise if you would book alongside other couples. Aside from the fact that these places would be very crowded, you should also keep in mind the overall expenses. So, if you want to ditch the hassles of booking your place, why don’t you turn your room into a romantic V-day getaway? This way you are able to save, personalize your meal and show how much you love your partner by exerting effort on making your date a memorable one.

Skip the Cheese

Yeah, I know, the typical date is really cheesy and sometimes, overrated. You have seen such on TV shows and the movies. If you want to skip the normalcy of the word “date”, you can always turn your adrenals and get physical. No, it is not what you think it is. And yes, I am talking about an athletic Valentines. Some people might find it odd but that would be a good idea. I guess, for people who want to keep moving, going for an adventure would make your February 14 a memorable one. You can try some sports that you do together or immerse yourselves to something new and learn a lot of things. A candlelight dinner can be done in any occasions but going physical would definitely be a blast. After all, eating together would give you calories.

Infuse your date with a theme

Try to incorporate a theme for your date. Instead of relying your date to a certain business establishment, why don’t you take charge instead? You can apply the tip #1 and just decorate your place according to your chosen theme. Speaking of themes, there are tons of insane ideas that you can always execute for your Valentines date. You can go for techno, western, Asian, cosplay and many more. With these themes, of course, you should also be in costumes. The importance of such can also be use when you step unto another shenanigan after your date. And I bet you know what I want to say, right?

Photo courtesy of Maybel Torres
Photo courtesy of Maybel Torres | Source

Eat your Roses, Scrub your Chocolates

It is no stranger to us that roses can be eaten while chocolates can be eaten by the skin. If you want to avoid getting big by eating chocolates and you don’t want your roses to dry up and die, there are exciting things that you can always do to these awesome twosome. You can prep some rose petal dishes that range from salads, main course and deserts. Indeed, eating these flowers would add a little flavor on your date minus the extra calories. On the other hand, if you don’t want to devour your chocolates by your mouth, let your skin do it. Yes, you can feed your skin with sweetness by a chocolate-y massage. Spas nowadays are using chocolates and rub it against the skin for its various benefits like:

  • Chocolates can nourish, rejuvenate and soften dry skin
  • Can moisturize your skin deeply and smooth out wrinkles
  • Contains ample amount of antioxidant that diminishes free radical damages.

Indeed, rubbing the sweet chocolates against your skin will surely set your date on fire. Sounds sexy? Well, it should be. Take note, chocolates are aphrodisiacs!

No matter how you celebrate your Valentines, the most important thing is you are together. It doesn’t matter where you celebrate it, what food you eat, what are your gifts for each other. The thing is, the both of you are happily together and you enjoy each other’s company. Happy Valentines everyone!


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    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 6 years ago from MNL, PH

      @alocsin -thank you! BTW, you can always use it in any date :) Not just exclusive for valentines. :)

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Missed this hub for Valentine, but I'll save it for next year. Voting this Up and Useful.

    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 6 years ago from MNL, PH

      @DzyMsLizzy -hey! thank you for reading my hub! :)

    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 6 years ago from Oakley, CA

      Some great off-the-wall ideas, here, instead of the trite, old expensive stuff.

      Sounds more along the lines of my kind of way to show someone you care...spending money optional.

      Voted up, useful and beautiful.