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How To Make Your Man Happy

Updated on August 6, 2014

Why Would You Want To?

Why make your man happy? Every person in every relationship deserves to be happy. And you will get happiness in return when you make him happy.

I'm not talking about sacrificing yourself for your man here. I'm just talking about making him feel good about himself and about you. Make him feel good about your relationship and what you've got going on. If everyone did this in their new relationship, then many more relationship would work out for the long run.

A lot of people want to know how to tell their boyfriend/husband that they love them, and I have to say that the best way to do that is by showing them.

I love you has become a staple of every relationship to the point of silliness.

We say it when we part, when we see each other, after a phone call, before bed, when we agree on something, when we disagree on something and the list goes on and on. It's said so many times a day that it loses it's value.

But how many times a day to we put the effort into showing our partner how much we love them?

You've heard the saying do one good deed a day? That saying normally applies to a stranger and I fully recommend doing it. The benefits are amazing.

So let's add to it and say:

Do one good deed a day for a stranger as well as for someone you love.

What Do I Get In Return?

You get love back tenfold. What you put out comes back to you tenfold. It's the law of attraction. Think love and get love.

How could you pass that up?

I know people who are miserable all day to their spouses and do you think they get happiness back. Nope. And then they wonder why.

6 Things You Can Do For Him Today.

1. Listen to him

Shut off the 'all about me program' and listen to him without making it about you.

Listening is one of the hardest parts of communication, especially when you are talking to your partner. So let him rant and rave or gloat or just say what he needs to say. He'll love being able to tell his story and have you hang on his every word.

2. Make him feel good about himself

If he cooks the best diner ever - tell him. If he does something better than you - tell him. If he plays the guitar and it turn you on - tell him. Whatever he is good at deserves praise and recognition. It will make him feel good and he'll want to do more stuff that he's good at for you. Hint...Hint.

3. Let him be himself.

Don't try to change him in any way shape or form unless it's unhealthy for him or for you. He's not a child. He's not a puppet or toy. He's a human being who is as unique as you are. He likes to jump up and down while eating or chew with his mouth open when he feels comfortable. Who cares! Let him be him.

4. Invite his friends over more or make him go see them.

His friends are a release of fun for him. Not saying we are not just as fun but friends are a healthy part of life. They can literally make him physically healthy and they have mental benefits as well. Having people around you who love you for you is a huge reason we have friends in the first place. Let him get out there and be joyful with them and bring it home to you.

5. Who wants nachos and beer tonight?

What's his favorite meal? Does it consist of just dips and chips or does he like ribs and scalloped potatoes? Whatever it is surprise him with it once in a while. I know that food is the way to a mans heart and let me tell you there's nothing better than eating your favorite food. But you probably already knew that. ;)

6. Give him something special in the bedroom

We tend to get stuck into the same boring routine and after a while it becomes hard to try something new but if you want to surprise him and make him giddy that's exactly what you need to do.

Has he ever mentioned a fantasy of some sort. Does he like it one way over the other. One position that he always asks you to do but you don't want to? As long as you are comfortable doing it - try it out. He'll remember it for a long time and appreciate it during and after.


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