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making healthy relationship

Updated on November 26, 2010

most of the relations break because most people do not know about that how to make a long lasting relationship.Actually most of the people do not know that how to behave in various situation so that people think the urge to keep the relationship reliable.  Obviously both male and female think it awkward after entering into a relationship if their partners are not those people whom he or she wants. So although people want to be involved in a relationship, he or she ca not do so because of certain circumstances they face.

You should all time do the perfect things in order to keep your relationships better and ensure that your relationships become better on happy and wonderful moments. If you want to act badly around your relatives and hope that they will stick around you instead of this, then you are wrong. Therefore if you really want to do so, you should pay attention to these matters.

Of course life is not a race or race field so just try to slow things down and enjoy as much as possible. There is no first and last in life and so you should not hurry. Thus you will be able to keep yourself in a strong relationship and will be able to family marriage. This fact is more obvious when you think that more intimate aspects of your relations like sharing your feelings and etc.

If you want to argue with anyone on what you wish to do or not to do in your life, ask yourself that are you really right or wrong always try to change yourself and try to make yourself a better human being.try to be so how you want to see others,which quality you want in other people.Because by doing this you will be attractive to other people and people will follow you and your lead.At a moment all people will wish to be like you.

Every person becomes bored more or less as they spend a lot of time with a particular person. So you should have a different life outside the most intimate person's surroundings. By this way you will find your relations more convenient and comfortable. As space is necessary for everyone and as you get it, you will be able to enjoy small happy moments much more than before by having a life outside of the person you love.

You should let your partners to enjoy their life and let them do so they want. By this way your partner will find you supportive and you will get respect from them. Then they will also try to make the relation healthy.

You should make a line for every thing which is related to your partners.if you do not agree in any matter with your partner and your partner wants to do so then draw the line and end the matter.

A true and natural matter is in any kinds of relationship there will be some problems.some may be small and some may be big but problems will come must so you should be mentally prepared that you will control the problems.first you will give a chance to your partner to solve it then you will try.after these if the problem is not clear then try to solve it by mutual understanding.And I think that mutual understanding is the best way to keep the relationship healthy.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      Your word choice sets you as an authority in this field. The spelling and grammar don't help this impression.