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Marriage; Why should One get Married? How should One get Married?

Updated on July 27, 2017

Men shiver at the prospect. They tend to run as far and as fast as possible when the subject is broached. It is certainly a matter of responsibility and also, not ample, but reasonable financial resources. There is also the factor that when one can get emotional and physical happiness from a serious relationship, why one should take upon them such a responsibility. There is also the fear of stringent laws in certain places which can award up to half the property to the woman in case of a divorce, this also forms a strong discouragement. The strength and need of this institution can be understood from the fact that people still get married even when they have many reasons such as explained above to not to delve in it. Let us first examine exactly what marriage is.

Marriage definition; What is Marriage?

Marriage a sacred relationship where the two people vow to restrict their intimate relations to each other, support each other in bad times and rejoice together in moments of happiness. Man is a social animal and craves for strong social bonding, marriage though a very sensitive relationship provides one with a trustworthy partner. The need to procreate is also innate; this institution also caters to this angle. Marriage is an institution where people (should ideally) learn to love and respect each other. It is not necessary that they be in love from the beginning as happens in some conservative societies, where the couple has barely seen each other, they can still find in their heart a place for one another.

The million dollar question; Why should One Get Married?

• Children

Children raised by a loving family tend to be productive with healthy ideas and ambitions. Children tend to feel ignored and deprived when raised by a single parent, even in the liberal western societies, it is unacceptable to some degree that the child was conceived and is being brought up without the involvement or even knowledge of the father.

• Life long support

If the bond of marriage is taken seriously, the couple is determined and works towards a life long relationship then they can face many hardships together and overcome many obstacles.

“What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life - to strengthen each other in all labor, to rest on each other in all sorrow, to minister to each other in all pain, to be one with each other in silent, unspeakable memories at the moment of the last parting.” -George Elliot

• To teach and enhance a sense of responsibility

To put bread and butter on the table for a family, a man becomes more responsible. Wife and children do serve as a motivator to ponder and devise means of steady income, this institution can thus make a man more useful.

• Develop tact and communication skills

Having a family by your side at all times relieves a man of a sense of boredom and seclusion. Children does keep a man entertained and challenged at all times; struggling for a pleasant relationship with your spouse builds tact and communication skills. Nothing good comes without its share of hard work, enjoyable wed lock is no exception.

• Freedom from unhealthy relationships

Those who build unhealthy relationships with the opposite gender can be freed from such a menace.

• Synergy; two people together can build a better standard of living

Having a spouse in a better financial condition can improve the standard of living of the other half. A couple in a loving relationship does splurge on one another. If both man and wife are working they can better keep the household together, the effect of synergies.

• To keep from A lonely childless farewell to this life

My mother is terrified at the thought, having children and wife at least gives you the sense of assurance that when one bids farewell to this world, there will be people by your side, praying and wishing all the good things for the after life.

The mode; How to get married?

Now if you’ve made up your mind considering all the benefits of marriage, we can get down to the many ways one can get a life partner. In our part of the world, which is South East Asia, parents are responsible for the hunt, to get a feel for the environment read my article on arranged marriages.

• Ask that special someone in your life

If you already have a special someone in your life whom you trust and will enjoy the rest of your life with, may be it is time to weld the person in your life. Marriage is not a lock, but it does make it difficult for that special one to escape.

• Marriage Bureaus

These institutions inventory profiles of many like people looking for a suitable match. These means are used by people to arrange a marriage.

• Marriage websites

There are many websites which house serious people looking for marriage. I have witnessed some marriages where people met on the internet. One such couple met only 2 weeks before they decided to get married.

• Advertise for a suitable match

One can advertise the sort of a person sought in newspapers and other media.

• Let people know

One can let other people know that you are looking for a marriage proposal.

Some of the means explained above can cater only to conservative societies where the concept of marriages which are arranged is acceptable but others are workable for the less conservative ones.


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