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5 ways to meet a guy/girl and 5 ways not too

Updated on September 5, 2009

Five ways to meet a guy/girl

 Below is a list of ways/places too meet a guy/girl at.

The beach

If you want to meet a guy or girl than the beach i one of the best places to start. Usually beaches are crowded and you can spot many types of guys and girls there.

Too start off when you spot a guy or girl that you would like to talk to the first thing is too be confident and be ready to take no or rejection. Some guys/girls want to meet a guy or girl at the beach while others just want to layout in the sun and some are there too simply swim. So definitely be prepare to take no for an answer.

If you want to meet a guy/girl at the beach than it is easy to start off a conversation. Approach someone and strike a conversation about anything beach related. This will break the ice and should lead into other conversations. If you are getting a negative vibe from the person simply move onto the next person.

Book shops

Book shops are also a different way too meet a guy or girl. You have to maintain a whole lot of confidence though when you decide to approach a guy/girl in a book shop. The reason for this is because a lot of people might be intimidated if someone approaches them at a book store and comes off as they are at a bar/club trying to pick them up.

So first things first try not to approach a guy/girl as if you are trying to pick them up. Simply approach someone that interests you and keep the conversation short and straight to the point. A good example is if you notice a guy/girl that catches your eye than simply walk over to them and strike up a conversation about anything book related or anything in the book shop related.

A busy park

If you are near a busy park where a lot of guys/girls go to hang out, bring their kids, jog, walk etc.. than use it as an opening line. If you are in a busy park and someone sparks your interests than talk about what they are doing there.

Again you will want to start a conversation by talking about anything park related or the activity that they are doing. Be confident and you will be sure to meet a guy or girl at a park.

A bar/club

If you want too meet a guy/girl than a bar/club may or not be for you. Meeting people in these places can go either way. It can either go great or it can goo very wrong. Meeting people in a bar/club is a hit or miss.

If you decide to try to meet someone in a bar/club than use caution. If you want to meet a guy or girl in hopes of it turning into something serious than a bar/club may or may not be the place to look for that. The reason is because of the environment, there is alcohol and people with different intentions than simply looking for something serious.

If you do choose to try too meet a guy/girl in one of these places than be careful.

A grocery store

A grocery store is a hit or miss when trying to meet a guy or girl. Sometimes a person will just want to get in and out of the store and will be intimidated if approached by someone who appears to be hitting on them or trying to pick them up.

If you are in a grocery store and someone sparks your interests strike up a conversation with them about the foods that they are carrying around with them. Break the ice and remain confident.

Five ways to not meet a guy/girl

 Now it is time to list the five ways/places not too meet a guy/girl.

Blind dates

If you want to meet a guy or girl than blind dates are usually a bad idea. The reason for this is because usually it is a friend or someone who knows you or thinks that they know and they think thy know the perfect match for you. A lot of times the person trying to put the blind date together thinks that they know what you are looking for but a lot of times they just get it all wrong.


Malls are a horrible way to meet a guy or girl unless you are a teenager. Most adults that go to the mall are there for a specific reason and that reason is to shop for specific items. Malls usually attract a whole lot of teenagers as well and a lot of adults just want to get in and out of malls as fast as possible.

The internet

Another bad way to meet a guy or girl is using the internet. There are way to many people out there who are not what they say they are and they use the internet to be who they want to be. The list can go on and on and on about why it is bad and good to meet people off the Internet but the opinion of this writer is it is a bad way to meet people.

Amusement parks

If you want to meet a guy/girl than an amusement park is probably not a good way to try to do it. Amusement parks are usually family oriented and that means couples will be there together and with their kids and it is just difficult to meet singles at these places, usually.


If you want to meet a guy/girl than the workplace is not where you want to do it at. The list of negatives can go on and be endless. If something goes wrong with the relationship ( if one forms ) than it can make the workplace a very unpleasant place to work. If you get rejected by a co-worker it can make things very awkward and so-forth. Some good advice is this, try not too meet a guy/girl at the workplace.


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    • profile image

      Liv 4 years ago

      This was poorly written

    • profile image

      me 5 years ago

      untrue. internet can be ok (experience) and know many right/normal ppl who found each other by using it. Same for workspace (though there it happens accidently :))

      a grocerystore is usually a place where people don't want to be disturbed