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Kissing Techniques - How to Kiss without Biting

Updated on February 29, 2020
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Giving Memorable Kisses

Their faces tilted, his downward and hers upward, the air fairly crackled with electric lust. Slowly advancing on one another, their lips caress and then begin to furiously battle for dominant hold in wanton war.

Now isn't that a memorable way to describe a kiss? When you have found someone you are physically attracted to, a kiss can be one way that you let them know, without a doubt, your intentions and desires.

So what types of kisses are there? Well, here's a little list.

  • The peck on the cheek - A very sweet way to tell someone you like them, the kiss is given by pressing your lips on their cheek gently and briefly.
  • Tickling the ear lobe - A fun kiss that involves caressing your partner's earlobe with the tip of your tongue.
  • Necking - A common term used to refer to a session of kissing and caressing your lover, however it can also refer to a light, tender trailing of kisses down the neck of your partner.
  • "Eskimo kiss" - Not really a kiss at all, but a practice of rubbing your nose against your partner's nose as a sign of affection.
  • Biting kiss - One of my personal favorites, a biting kiss as I call it is when you or your lover capture the other's lip in your teeth while you are necking. Don't bite too hard!
  • French kiss - ahh, the best for last. This kiss is performed by opening your mouth while kissing, and letting your tongue move against your partner's tongue. You can also open your mouth and let the tip of your tongue brush against your partner's lips, which may coerce them to open their mouth too!

The best advice I can give you on making your partner remember and appreciate each and every kiss you give them is to always be sincere, attentive, and let each kiss count. When your partner kisses you, or vice versa, let the kiss the the only thing you're concerned over at the time.

What IS a kiss?

Technically and broken down to a very basic level, a kiss is a display of affection between two people which brings them closely together during the act.  It can replace words when none seem appropriate, or it can stop your nervous, rambling partner in his or her tracks.

When you look at various cultures around the world, a kiss holds a very different level of intimacy for people of other countries.  For instance, in Muslim countries, a woman and a man do not kiss in public - it is seen as a shameful and sinful act.

Kisses can be completely platonic as well, given to a friend or family member as a greeting or parting gesture.  In medieval times a kiss on the hand of a Lady was the sign of respect to her purity and virtue.


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