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Men Behaviors Flirting Signals

Updated on December 22, 2009

Men Behaviors Flirting Signals

It can be really difficult to understand mens behavior and flirting signals, but once you think about how powerful this knowledge is - you want to learn it by any means possible =)

Imagine being able to get the outcomes you want with men by responding correctly to their behavior and flirting.

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How to Read Male Flirting Signals

The best way to read mans flirting signals is to observe his behavior. Watch what is he doing while he is having a conversation with other women and even other men. Focus on particular body parts: eyes, arms, legs and look what is he doing with them. For example, do his eyes light up when he looks at the woman? Look at his lips and notice whether he smiles more than usual when he talks to her.

Just stop and observe just a little before deciding whether to take action.

The Most Common Mens Flirting Signal

... yet so many women fail to read it.

This is probably the most common flirting technique used by men. Even tough this is an obvious sign of flirting - women still do not recognize it. If you know a man who definitely likes you - observe him and watch whether he tries to clean up a bit in front of you. If you see him running his hands along his shirt and jeans in an attempt to smooth out any wrinkles or if you see him pulling up his socks - you should know that he really likes you. He is paying attention to every last detail in regarding his appearance, which means that he cares what you think about him A LOT!


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Eye contact - The Ultimate Mens Flirting Tool

Your eyes are ultimate flirting tools. The way you look at the man you like, meet his gaze and look away can be the deciding factor between a successful, enjoyable flirtation and an embarrassing life experience you will not want to remember.

Looking directly into the eyes of the man you like is such a powerful, emotionally loaded act of communication that women usually restrict it to very brief glances. Prolonged eye contact between two people indicates intense emotion, and is either an act of love or an act of hostility.

You should know that men, who are flirting literally hunt for eye contact. Usually eye contact doesn't last longer than few mili-seconds, but in this case some men can look directly into your eyes for few seconds.

Distance Matters

There are a lot of coaching programs for men, where they are learning how to approach women and etc. One of the thing they learn over there is to keep distance. Distance is really important and if men aren't keeping their distance, the outcome isn't exactly like the one they have been expecting.

It is hard to explain this flirting technique, but to make a long story short: men usually make eye contact with women they like when they are further than 4ft, once the eye contact is made they usually approach women and then they take flirting to the next level.

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    • profile image

      emily-ballard 5 years ago

      i am extremely confused because me and this boy look at each other when we pass eac

      h other in the hallway

    • profile image

      ouriloilo 6 years ago

      @anonymous: He is a total flirt not worth pursuing.:)

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      im still a little confused...... what if this guy is like this with many girls?