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Can Men Get Married Anytime They Choose?

Updated on August 19, 2010

The Bet!

Marriage options for men outnumber those for women?

There have been several comments posted by women in response to various relationship articles on various websites: “Men are dogs”, “Men are pigs”, “Men are inconsiderate”, “Men are unhelpful around the house”….etc

Apparently one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

Case in point there are few books written to help men find a wife, offering them advice on how to get women to commit or how to" turn your girlfriend into a wife"….etc

In fact it’s generally assumed a 35 or 40-year-old man who is unmarried is so by choice.

He probably has a problem with commitment.

The underlying assumption is he has probably met “Ms. Right” but did not propose to her, abused her in some way, cheated on her, or he was too stupid to realize “She was the ONE”.

It’s perfectly acceptable for anyone to ask a 45-year-old man why he’s never been married.

On the other hand there is an “uneasy feeling” in the air if one were to ask a woman of the (same age) why she has never gotten married.

There is a fear of putting her on the spot in case she was never proposed to.

With regard to the man it is assumed he’s not married by his own choice.

A group of platonic friends had a discussion during happy hours about dating, sex, and marriage….etc

Mark and Karen have known each other for several years dating back to their college days. They're both 32 years old and divorced.

She'd often complain to him about the dating scene stating, “All men were pigs".

Mark, Laughed, "Hey, I resemble that remark!"

After a 2-year relationship Karen recently (6 months ago) broke up with her ex whom she described as being “lazy, selfish, unreliable, immature”.

She also felt the relationship was going “nowhere”.

When she walked out she told him she was the best thing that ever happened to him and he blew it. Karen also ran down a list of things that were wrong with him and wished him the best of luck.

Today she learned through Face Book her ex is engaged to a woman he met only 4 months ago!

Mark: “That’s how it goes. Men, no matter what level they are regardless of their flaws are always able to find a woman willing to marry them. Even mass murderers sitting on death row are getting marriage proposals before a lot of women do!” (Laughing)

“Either pigs are in demand or women are so desperate to be married they won’t say NO to ANY man who proposes. They’re scared they may never have another opportunity.

Karen: “That’s kind of insulting don’t you think?” “After all it is 2010! A lot of women have chosen to focus on their education and building a career.”

Mark: “That may be true but when they are ready to settle down at whatever age they have set aside (in their minds) there is no guarantee they’ll reach their goal.

A man on the other hand can be married at any age he chooses."

The Bet!

Karen: “So, you’re saying if YOU wanted to get married you could do so at anytime?”

Mark: “Absolutely!” (Extending his hand to Karen) “Starting from scratch with no one in mind, I Can Find a Wife Before You Find a Husband!”

Everyone one at the table laughed and continued drinking.

Do you agree with Mark?

Is getting married for a man just a matter of turning on a switch?

Are ‘pigs” in demand?

If you are a woman, Have you ever turned down a marriage proposal?

If you are a guy, Have you ever had a woman say no to your marriage proposal?


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    • dawnM profile image

      Dawn Michael 7 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

      well I would rather wait to get married to the right person than to quickly get married to the wrong I think that it is equally difficult for both a man and a women when it comes to choosing the right person to spend the res of your life with!!!!