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Menopause-Shout It Out!

Updated on September 15, 2014

Menopause Can Effect Your Marriage

Don't let menopause effect your marriage. Keep reading to find ways to deal with your menopause. I am in my eight year of menopause and I am writing this lens because not enough women speak out about this long lasting condition that affects all women.

My own Opinion

Am I Right Or Wrong?

It's just my opinion, so you can agree or not, but it seems to me that a lot of marriages that end in divorce, happen when couples are in their mid-40's or mid-50's. This is just an observation, I have made.

I believe that the hormonal changes due to menopause plays a big role in divorce at this age. Both women and men, yes men also, go through these hormonal changes. Please keep reading to find out why.

Women can start having these changes in their mid 40's. The production of estrogen decreases as you age, causing all kinds of side effects that we have to learn to deal with if we want to keep our families together. Men begin to lose testosterone around the same age.

In order to deal with this long drawn out time of our life, we need to arm ourselves with knowledge.

Read This Helpful Books

I found these books on Amazon that I enjoyed and thought you might benefit from them too.

Chart from pap101

Mood Swing Hell

Did I Say That?

Mood Swings will cause most of the problems between couples. Because menopause covers such a long time period(about ten years)sorry ladies, it can and will cause flare ups. It will happen when you least expect it or want it. It will most likely occur when you are overly stressed or tired.

Getting enough sleep is important, hard to do sometimes because of our busy lifestyles. Also hard to sleep because of the symptoms of menopause. Including, restless legs, muscle aches, and nights sweats to name a few.

Be prepared to apologize often. Remind family members that you are dealing with hormonal issues and that they cause irritability, extreme mood swings, from happy and cheerful, to tearful and depressed in a matter of seconds. Talking about these issues with your family will have them understand that you cannot help some of the words that come out of your mouth or some of your actions that may seem out of character for you.

Be sure to talk with your physician about all your symptoms and possible treatments to alleviate your symptoms.

Symptoms of Menopause

You may or may not have all of these symptoms

Here are a list of symptoms that I have compiled,

Common Symptoms

1. Hot Flashes

2. Night Sweats

3. Irregular Periods

4. Loss of Libido

5. Vaginal Dryness

6. Mood Swings


7. Fatigue

8. Hair Loss

9. Sleep Disorders

10. Difficult Concentrating

11. Memory Lapses

12. Dizziness

13. Weight Gain

14. Incontinence

15. Bloating

16. Allergies

17. Brittle Nails

18. Changes in Odor

19. Irregular Heartbeat

20. Depression

21. Anxiety

22. Irritability

23. Panic Disorder


24. Breast Pain

25. Headaches

26. Joint Pain

27. Burning Tongue

28. Electric Shocks

29. Digestive Problems

30. Gum Problems

31. Muscle Tension

32. Itchy Skin

33. Tingling Extremities


34. Osteoporosis

A good pace do research more about menopause is here:

Going thru this time can be depressing and embarrassing sometimes, so please leave a comment in support for others.

Nutritious And Natural Way To Replace Lost Nutrients

For a More natural approach to fighting the effects of menopause, here are some alternative ideas you may want to try.

Nettle infusion:

Place one ounce of dried herb in a quart jar.

Fill jar to the top with boiling water.

Tip:To keep the jar from breaking, pour the boiling water over a spoon or knife placed in the jar.

Cap tightly and let stand for at least 4 hours.

Overnight is even better because the nutrients will have more time to break down into the water.

Strain and drink it ice cold or warm either way is good.

You may want to add some mint or honey to change the flavor.

This has so many nutrients in it, that I am sending you over to skipthepie blog because she has a great chart from the USDA listing all the nutrients. Thanks go to the wonderful Susan Weed for this recipe. You may also want to try oatstraw(a little sweeter tasting) or red clover blossoms in place of the nettles. Prepared the same way. You can find dried herbs by searching the internet. I buy mine from Mountain Rose Herbs and sometimes Whole Spice. These are not affiliate links, just websites you may find helpful.


Please share your worst or best menopause moment. - To help encourage or show support to other women of the menohood.

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