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Men's Instant Evaluation About Women

Updated on June 7, 2015

Question for the men? When dating do you have an instant radar based on presentation and light conversation regarding a woman’s classification in your life? Do you determine based on her look, behavior, and observed presentation if she is a good time girl, girlfriend, or wife material immediately upon meeting her? Do you determine based on her conversation and presentation together if she is good time girl, girlfriend, or wife material? Do you believe that women are aware that there are certain things you desire in terms of evaluating or considering someone for a long-term relationship? What are your thoughts?

When you meet a woman do you immediately decide if she has value or long-term potential? Are there certain turn offs that you have? Are you turned off by loud women, poor manners, tomboy look, or women that do not know how to carry themselves in certain venues?

Most of my male friends seem to quickly identify women they are interested in and quickly provide a reason why they are not interest in a woman. It appears to be based on a quick evaluation that only takes less than 5 minutes of observation. One of my male friends, upon me pointing out this women kept trying to catch his eye when he was with me, explained she seemed to be a girl full of drama and a little “loose” for his type. When I asked what he meant, he quickly pointed out how she was loud, eager for attention by her behavior, and just wasn’t the type of woman he was interested in meeting.

While everyone has different desires, and are in different places in their lives, this much appears to remain true. What are your thoughts on the presentation of women that captures your attention?

Tough Love


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