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The Big Three

Updated on May 10, 2012


Find the perfect man, the perfect job, and settle down.


Your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you, or you find out that the man you have spent the past 5 years loving and admiring is married.


You saw him with the tramp from 20 A in a restaurant holding hands. Their eyes were locked on each other. She was smiling, he was grinning, sexual attraction. You go home that night, you make his favorite meal; put on your fuck me dress and make him forget he was ever with another woman.

My god, do we put up with a lot in relationships! I think all women are strong no matter what, but sometimes you just need a push to stumble on something better. That push has to come from within. My dad once said that a woman’s heart was like a vast ocean, it is filled with unimaginable treasures. Let your treasures rise to the surface, and show the world what you're worth. BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE FABULOUS. The key to your happiness lies in your hands not his. If you have to lie to yourself once to justify his actions, he’s not worth it. ONCE A STRAY ALWAYS A STRAY! Don’t turn your head, face the consequences, the worst thing that can happen is, you being single and meeting someone better.


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