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Mother of the Bride’s Role and Responsibilities

Updated on December 14, 2017

The mother of the bride-to-be knows that her daughter is obviously too excited and probably floating in the “clouds” and won’t be able to do much detailed planning for her wedding.

She knows the bride to be will be more immersed in the task of building her wedding website, choosing her wedding dress, planning her honeymoon, and thinking about moving into her new home.

As the bride’s mom, she is aware of the onerous task of planning a wedding, no matter how small it may be. Someone has to pay attention to the finer details that are required to make the marriage ceremony a success.

What is the Role of Mother of the Bride?

Long before the wedding day, the bride should give her mother an idea of the kind of ceremony she desires for her wedding. From that point on, the wedding plans may commence. The role played by mothers of the bride include (in no particular order):

  • Deciding on a theme for the wedding (with much input from her daughter)
  • Collation of the guest lists and deciding on who to invite and who not to invite
  • Narrowing down the guest list if need be (this happens most times)
  • Helping the bride-to-be in choosing her dress and bridal accessories
  • Helping to choose bridesmaids outfits

  • Scouting for wedding event planners
  • Choosing the venue (banquet room or hall for reception)
  • Arranging for transporting the bride and her father to the church/registry, and reception
  • Choosing the colour scheme for the day
  • Arranging for music – a DJ or live band
  • Finalizing the wedding invitations designs and arranging for printing
  • Choosing the wedding cake design
  • Getting the photographer and a professional videographer
  • Deciding on choice of wedding favors
  • Finding the best caterers and drawing up a menu
  • Taking care of lodging for out-of-town guests if any
  • Calling on the church and the vicar for church matters
  • Helping to plan for, and attend the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner

Additionally, the mother of the bride role may include liaising with the mother of the groom on all dress or gown issues concerning the two of them.

On a Lighter Note...

Duties on the Wedding Day

The mother of the bride should leave the wedding ceremony at the church or registry, earlier than everyone else, even before the bride and groom (if a wedding planner is not employed).

She and the father of the bride have to be there to greet and welcome all invited guests as they walk into the reception hall.

Bride And The Mother Of The Bride (
Bride And The Mother Of The Bride (

She must act the perfect hostess at the wedding and reception and ensure the guests are comfortable and having a wonderful time.

This also includes standing in the receiving line, sitting at the parent's table, and making sure the bride has greeted all her guests.

The bride’s mother must ensure everyone is doing what they have to do; making sure all guests are well attended to.

All this can be done with the help of a wedding planner if one has been employed

Finally, the mother of the bride dances with the father of the bride or an escort if he is unavailable, and then she must dance with the groom during the first formal dance.

© 2010 viryabo


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    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 7 years ago

      Hello saira, i'm glad you find this hub informative.

      Thank you for visiting and for your comments.


    • saira khan profile image

      saira khan 7 years ago from pakistan

      very useful infirmation. thanks for share.

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 7 years ago

      Thanks again F4L. When i first started almost a year ago, i didn't have a clue as to how to do anything. You will learn fast along the way, just as i did.

      Yes i am a christian (but not fanatical!LOL), but you wont find me in the christian forums. It's so volatile in there. LOOOOL!


    • Fashion4Live profile image

      Fashion4Live 7 years ago

      aww! thank you so much for the exceptionally helpful advise! im glad as well that i have met someone who shares the same interests as me! i know that im not very experienced in this type of 'blogging' stuff, but from my perspective, i think that what you right is awe-inspiring and stunning! thx so much once again! btw, r u a christian ? i kinda maybe picked that up from the 'GodBless' ...? if you are then i think that's great cause i am too! type 2 ya later!

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 7 years ago

      Hello Fashion4live, Thanks for your visit and your comments. its so wonderful when i meet people who share the same interests as i do.

      I'm off to check your profile out and will give you feedback. I can't profess to be full of great ideas, but i've learnt quite a lot along the line from great hubbers here at HP especially at the forums where there's a wealth of info, and i'm very willing to share with you as well. Welcome to HP, a great community of writers. You will so enjoy it here, i promise.


    • Fashion4Live profile image

      Fashion4Live 7 years ago

      hey there Viryabo ! I am new on here (not sure exactly what I'm doing lol) and i read something on ur profile...not exactly sure what it was but it said something like your into designing and u love dogs. and guess what?!?!? I just love to design fashions and interior things and....I LOVE DOGS! i have loved dogs ever since i was 3 ! i was wondering if u could check out my profile and see if im doing things right...? thx !

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 7 years ago

      Thanks so much G. Happy new year. I'm sure you had a great christmas. Thanks for your visit.

      So glad to hear that the blog is still on. That's Great. Wish you the best G.


    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 7 years ago from California

      viryabo.....VERY NICE HUB! Funny, when I lived in the UK and my kids called me "mum" for a while.......ANYWAY, nice hubs with details to encourage moms/mums!!!!!! Happy New Year to you too! Still working on that "blog." Will keep you posted........G

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 7 years ago

      Keira, hi! Missed you. how's it been going with you? hope you had a wonderful Xmas celebration. Thank you so much for your visit and nice views.

      Happy new year! I wish you all the very best in this new year - 2010.

      Take care and GodBless.


    • profile image

      Keira 7 7 years ago

      Hello my dear Viryabo, Happy New Year to you, may 2010 be perfect for you. Plenty of Happiness, and specially a very good health. I did miss you, and your hubs. This one is brilliant as always and thanks for the good info. Have a lovely weekend my good friend. Bless you.:)

      PS : I like the video too. :D