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must read for women

Updated on March 20, 2013

A Must Read for Every Woman in America

What would Michelle do? By Allison Samuels

I recommend this book for your book club, your girlfriends, and all women you randomly encounter. This book provides great tips on being your best self addressing the needs of your health, career, personal goals, dating tips, your best presentation, and how to be your best as an individual.

While there are so many books about relationships, love affairs, how to evaluate a man, how to get a man: there stands a book that addresses all aspects of being a great woman inspired by Michelle Obama.

The whole woman is a woman of worth:

Having/developing your career

Being true to yourself

Your attire representing the quality of woman that you are or aspiring to become

How to be open without being desperate when it comes to dating

How to evaluate the right person in your life

How to dress for success

How to enjoy every moment of your life

Enjoying your life

Participating in the things you enjoy and making room for the good things in your life

It addresses the pursuit of your personal goals, how to evaluate your friends, the type of friends you should have, how you should carry yourself, effects of social media, and beauty tips/style on a budget.

This is a must read for women of all colors, nationality, and ages. It is encouragement regarding your thought process on how you live your life and living your best life now as an incredible woman.

When I read this book, I couldn’t put it down.

Buy a copy for yourself and then pick up a few copies for your girlfriends. You will be encouraged.


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