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Scattered thoughts

Updated on November 11, 2013

Love yourself, that is the only way to grow

Love yourself

You love many things in your life. There are people around you to whom you love. You love your wife, your children, your parents, your girl friend, your class mates, your colleagues, your brothers and sisters ... the list goes on.

You love things like your mobile phone, your house, your laptop, your watch, your blue tooth, your iphone, etc.

But I just wanted to ask you how much you love yourself? You may ask "How can I love myself? I don't have the things that I enjoy like money, property, laptop, Iphone etc.

Let me tell you the reason you don't have the things which gives you joy is that you are not loving yourself enough to get all that make you happy.

If you have many thing in your life at your disposal and still you are not happy, the reason for your unhappiness is that you do not know how to love yourself.

To be happy and successful, you need to know how to love yourself. Love yourself, the way you are. If you are not happy with the way you are, it's the time to change. You need to change your habits, thoughts, and behavior in that way you love yourself. Think of a happy person.  Change your thoughts, attitudes,  behaviors, deeds and dealings like that happy person.   Then you will be able to love yourself. Once you start to love yourself, it will improve your self-esteem. You will be confident about yourself. You won't have to hide behind the seen. You can present yourself in front of your peers and friends.

Why I should love myself?

Why you should love yourself? You are the person who will be with you from the birth to the death. You will share it with yourself. The happy moments. The embarrassing situation. The heights and the depths. All the special occasions like birth days, marriage, birth of your child, death of your loved ones. All these moments you share with yourself.

You will be with you in the darkest moments of your life. No one can take that position. So you must love yourself.

The other reason loving yourself is just because, when you really love someone, you wish very best for him. You want him have the best share. You want to give the most expensive gifts. You want to give what ever you can.... it could be the position in the society, ... it could be best food, it could be best time, ... In short whatever you can you will try to give the very best.

Unless until you are not loving yourself, you cannot have the very best in life. Hope now you understand the key reason for loving yourself. If you want best education, if you want best job, if you want best friends, if you want best car, if you want best girl/boy with you, you must love yourself. You will dream big for yourself. Work hard to get the very best in your life.

When you start love yourself, you will become a person to whom others can love. That means, people start love you. That doesn't mean that you need to be arrogant and boastful about yourself. People hate that kind of people. Those who love themselves are humble and honest. Inwardly they feel good about them self.

When you feel good about yourself, you will be confident, outgoing and make friends.  You will have positive thoughts about yourself and about others.  You see good thing in others.

Don't want you feel good about yourself?  Don't want you to make friends? Don't want you to have self-esteem?  Don't want you to think positively?

Love yourself.  That is the only way to grow.

Love yourself.

User and buyer are same in case of all the products.

Comment very briefly on the following:

User and buyer are same in case of all the products.

I cannot agree with the statement that the user and the buyer are same in case of all the product. Because it is not necessary for the user to buy all the product he uses. Sometimes parents buy things for their kids. Kids are not the buyers. They are users. In government schemes in which government buys products and distribute the same to its citizens who are not bale to afford such products. For example, government distribute books to unprivileged students of economically weaker section. In such causes, the Government is the purchaser or buyer. But the user is from the economically weaker section.

People who buy gift items for their relatives or friends or dear ones is the custom which the whole wold is following. People may chose different products as a gift. Some buy ornaments as a gift. Some buy home appliances as a gift. Some buy food stuff like pizza or biscuits and sweets as a gift to express their gratitude or happiness. Some buy expensive gifts like refrigerator, TV, Air conditioner, cell phone, iPad2, i Phones, cloths, ready made garments etc. as a gift for their dear ones. In such cases, the buyer is not the end user.

Industrialists buy products for developing it or converting it as another product. Also they buy products as raw materials for their production or manufacturing. They are not the end user. They process it and resell it. So, there is chances that the buyer could be an industrialist who convert the product in to another product and resell it in the market.

Wholesalers and retailers also buy goods for the purpose of reselling it to the end user. Wholesalers and retailers are not the users. They are buying good to sell it in the market to make a profit.

In short all the buyers are not the users. The buyer could be a wholesaler, retailer, industrialist, government agency or someone who buy it for the purpose of giving it as a gift. Due to the above cited reasons, it is not appropriate in saying that "User and buyer are same in case of all the products."

Transfer of our pastor

Last week our pastor announced that he asked for a transfer from the church. That was a shocking news to some believers.  Let me introduce our current pastor.  Our current pastor is here for the last 7 years.  Normally a pastor will get transfer every 3 years.  Now he is transferred to a good church.  We hope that he would get better income and a better place to live.  And the pastor is very interested to move out.   There were mixed reaction to the news.  I would like to share with you some of the reactions to the transfer order.

Few said that they wanted to stop the transfer as they feel the current pastor is very good in handling the difficult situation.  Moreover few new believers are coming to the church.  They afraid that what would happen to the new believers, who are mostly depend and attached to the old pastor.  They put up the matter to the Senior pastor who is in charge of the transfer said that "people should look at the Christ not the pastor as the pastor cannot save them.   They (believers) should relay on the Jesus and should follow Jesus.  What a nice advice.

Few said earlier we had pastors who said wired thing about the believers.  They spread rumors about the believers.  The current pastor is good in keep the secret of the believers with himself. 

Few said pastors used to visit houses and know about the family situation and share the same with other believers.  Which ultimately lead to the fight amongst the believers.  The current pastor is avoiding such practices and he is trying to unite the church together. He is a good pastor isn't it?

First our council members decided to ask the senior pastor to stop the transfer.  They talked about it to the senior pastor.   After the announcement of the transfer again some members tried to contact him.  He asked them to meet him at his office.  Then the council members got together and discussed whether we should go for the meeting.  Then one suggested as the current pastor is happy about the transfer, it is a waste of time and money.  One suggest that it would create a negative effect if our efforts would not yield any positive result and the incoming pastor come to know about our efforts in retain current pastor.  Then the council decided to tell the senior pastor that we are interested to meet him only if he reverse the transfer order.  Obviously he refused to revers the transfer order and the meeting canceled.

Some are concerned about the new pastor. How is he?  How will he preach.  Does he has the ability to sing as the current pastor? Would he be able to teach new songs to students. How he get along with the believers. There are many questions.


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